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How to install application to your Facebook fan page?
Here are simple steps which will help you to install Facebook applications on your fan page.

Login to your Facebook account.

You can install the application by clicking on Add to my Page from application

Next select the page in which you would like to install theplication.

After adding the application to your page, you will be able to see the application in your fan
page's tab. Just click on >> icon in order to view the tab.

You will get a link inside the tab saying that Configure {APPLICATION} on this tab.

On clicking configure link you will get settings page for that application.

Enter appropriate settings for that particular tab and click on Save & Continue. You will get
success message as below.

Click on the link to go to your newly installed application.

You will be able to see the application within your fan page as shown below.

You will be able to see edit settings link within your fan page if you are admin of that page &
you can edit the previous settings anytime you want.

Please contact us in case of any queries or issues. Our customer support email address is & our contact number is 646-688-4885 and our extension is 148.

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