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« The true question is that : can we envisage a notion of citizenship today which goes beyond the identical ? And, by extension, artistic practices not come from the identity of their author, but which would leave, on the contrary, the globalized state of the culture to go to an identity? write Nicolas Bourriaud in Art Press. I found the beginning of my point of view in front my work in this sentence, extract from an analysis of globalization of contemporary art. From this specialty that is ours lives, we try to expose this identity question until parody. War, 1984 and some Black Bottoms are exemples. The numerical resolution is not stranger at their changes, and we express that in our work, in particular with Les Coqs « The Chickens », which speaks how the cybersex changes our sexualities. The Black Bottoms and war process also cultural formatting of the person. Until paralysis from archetypes of gay culture. The communism is an element of the culture, which changing but the culture denies it. A culture is not constant, it changes. It’s for that which it’s unfair by Nietzsche. It’s a reason for winch communism interesting us. Working and living both is ever an identity distortion. On the whole, the homosexual, sexual and communal questions are in background. The power’s relationships between them, social and political are vectors of choice in our work. Couple is a tool. What it says « gay art », perhaps doesn’t exist because it’s just some males nudes, almost just fashion photography. Our work want tell that, beyond identity problem, we are persons. Our couple is not singular because we are two men but because we are two persons. It’s what we show in the White Bottoms. The body is an expressive tool of the identity of person, this for the beginning of contemporary art. I reinterpreted Duchamp’s work for that. In Etant donnés 1°La chute d’eau 2° La 3D, here is a man whose cutter, just in the expression of his materialism (like an illusion of his materialism). To assert as a person with trying to explode the identity question, to go to the universal from the singular, this is the goal of our work.

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