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Global Mapper - User's Manual
Global Mapper User's Manual
Download Offline Copy
If you would like to have access to the Global Mapper manual while working offline, click here to download
the manual web pages to your local hard drive. To use the manual offline, unzip the downloaded file, then
double-click on the Help_Main.html file from Windows Explorer to start using the manual. If you would like
context-sensitive help from Global Mapper to use the help files that you have downloaded rather than the
online user's manual, create a Help subdirectory under the directory in which you installed Global Mapper (by
default this will be C:\Program Files\GlobalMapper8) and unzip the contents of the zip file to that directory.

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Table of Contents
a. System Requirements
b. Download and Installation
c. Registration
♦ Tutorial - Getting Started with Global Mapper and cGPSMapper - Guide to Creating
Garmin-format Maps
♦ Video Tutorials - Supplied by
◊ Video Tutorial - Changing the Coordinate System and Exporting Data
◊ Video Tutorial - Creating a Custom 3D Map
◊ Video Tutorial - Downloading Free Maps/Imagery from Online Sources
◊ Video Tutorial - Exporting Current "Zoom Level" Using the Screenshot Function
◊ Video Tutorial - Exporting Elevation Data to a XYZ File
◊ Video Tutorial - Creating Maps and Overlays for Google Earth
◊ Video Tutorial - Georectifying Imagery/PDF Files 101
◊ Video Tutorial - Importing ASCII files into Global Mapper
◊ Video Tutorial - Exporting to Google Maps
◊ Video Tutorial - Creating Range Rings, Importing Title Blocks, and Address
♦ Reference Guide - Generic ASCII Format
♦ Reference Guide - Generic ASCII Format Field Descriptions
♦ Reference Guide - Shortcut Key Reference
♦ Reference Guide - Supported Datum List
a. File Menu
• Open Data File(s) Command
• Open Generic ASCII Text File(s) Command
• Open All Files in a Directory Tree
• Open ECW File from the Web Command
• Open Data File at Fixed Screen Location
• Unload All Command
• Create New Map Catalog Command
• Find Data Online Command
• Download Online Imagery/Topo/Terrain Maps
• Load Workspace Command
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