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Global Mapper - User's Manual
This section briefly reviews the menus and commands in order to understand the basic purpose of each. Figure
1 shows the program Menu Bar and Toolbar as they appear at startup.

Figure 1 - Menu Bar and Toolbar
The toolbar is displayed across the top of the application window, below the menu bar. The toolbar provides
quick mouse access to many tools used in Global Mapper. To hide or display the Toolbar, choose Toolbar
from the View menu.
File Menu
The File menu offers the following commands:
• Open Data File(s) Command
• Open Generic ASCII Text File(s) Command
• Open All Files in a Directory Tree Command
• Open ECW File from the Web Command
• Open Data File at Fixed Screen Location
• Unload All Command
• Create New Map Catalog Command
• Find Data Online Command
• Download Online Imagery/Topo/Terrain Maps
• Load Workspace Command
• Save Workspace Command
• Save Workspace As Command
• Run Script Command
• Capture Screen Contents to Image Command
• Export Global Mapper Package File Command
• Export Raster and Elevation Data
♦ Export Arc ASCII Grid Command
♦ Export BIL/BIP/BSQ Command
♦ Export BT (Binary Terrain) Command
♦ Export DEM Command
♦ Export DTED Command
♦ Export DXF 3D Face File Command
Table of Contents