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Gouverneur André GBADOE

Year 2011-2012 - District 403 A2August
YEAR 2010 – 2011

Gouverneur du District 403 A2
From August 1 this year, we started the second
month of our fiscal year, it is my pleasant duty
to speak back to you to remind you of our
commitments vis-à-vis our communities, our
commitments à-vis our Association. I think
everyone has read and understood the contents
of its mission and your respective action plans
are now completed or will be soon. For those
of you who have already communicated these
precious documents, it's time to finalize the
implementation of your devices and take
action. The other must redouble our efforts and
promptly update. The month of August must
be the beginning of your actions on the ground.
Attentent our communities we, our Association
expects our first success. So Courage,
Commitment and Action. Friendships.
All Committed to Serve generously.

403 A2
Various events do not allow us to publish in July
2011 the monthly newsletter of the Governor André
GBADOE which will also address public relations.
PR side, you should already know that the
Governor André GBADOE page has a "Facebook"
where you can read its messages, photos of
activities, communications committee of the
district. You will be able to comment on
publications and above all his leave messages
online. But do not forget to register by sending an
invitation to www.facebook.com / andre.gbadoe.
There will also be the monthly newsletter of public
relations that you are reading, which will broadcast
each month practical training to enable you to be a
true professional communication by learning the
complex art of managing men. Finally, still in the
field of PR, we will help regions to develop a
project dear to the Governor: that of ensuring the
visibility of our Association, at our District, by a
large poster campaign our emblem at the entrance
of the main cities where we operate. The
management of the directory is the other part of our
mission, we get down to collect files clubs,
compulsions, the format and plot as it should be
formatted for optimal use and long-awaited lions
and Leo. All committed to serve with generosity!

Louis-Albert De Neef and the Governor
"RP Commission, Information and Directory”

Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of the Governor A. GBADOE
The Governor in Seattle for the Convention

Arrival of the Governor in Lome
The Governor André GBADOE arrived in Lome
July 19, 2011 from Seattle in the United States
where he attended the International Convention of
Lions Clubs.

Annie and André GBADOE

Alioune KHATTAR and André GBADOE

André, Patricia and Alioune et un lionsAll Districts
of Governors 2011-2012

With the PCG, Claude FELIX

The Governor and his lioness at the restaurant ...

-2Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of the Governor A. GBADOE
"Improve your decision-making .... "

Whether you are a Club President or an
ordinary member, you must know how to make
decisions ... without hesitation!

1 - Gather as much information
Frequently caused by indecision and a lack of data
on the subject. If you want to change jobs and you
procrastinate for months without making a decision,
it is probably due to lack of accurate information
about this business. If you return tomorrow to
personal choices, and other professionals is that you
miss, again, information. Gather this information in
a time that you will set a time so as not to leave this
"research" extend to infinity. Ask also experts who
have achieved what you want. It is a valuable
source of information. Then when you have the
documents, answers, information, data available,
take the time to study them in depth. Where the
answers are often the result of the experience of
knowledge available to you through your research.
Finally, do you spend a period of

Do you know what is the factor most frequently
observed in cases of failures in life? Lack of
knowledge? NO. The lack of relationships? No.
Failure in the development of a target? Either. The
main factor of failure is

Being undecided can very quickly become a
liability when you want to move towards your
goals, or simply change your life. Only the decision
to act can change the settings of your life - if you
want - change.
A state of "psychological suffering" is identified
even when the problem becomes a habit. Days pass,
weeks pass, months and years go by and nothing
concrete changes. You may then be subject to a loss
of confidence. You can respond! Real solutions
exist to develop new habits and strengthen the
deciding factor in your life. Probably because the
install, for lack of seeing tangible results in your
projects. Decide learned! This fundamental that our
do not learn in school, in high school ...
Fortunately, personal development comes to the
rescue. Effective means exist. Because indecision is
a suffering that must be addressed. You can spend
years of your life ... not to decide your future. Learn
to decide learned!
See the three principles that can help you avoid
getting "tortured" in mind when you make a choice

2 - Practice making the isolation
Key decision makers are all that!
Depending on the extent of their decisions, they
isolate themselves to concentrate their thoughts on
the decision. No phone, no disturbance, no visual
stimulation (TV, radio, magazines, ...). The mind is
dense, concentrated on the subject and nothing else.
The time period is variable depending on the size of
the decision. But be aware that some "decision
makers" may very well perform the isolation
making for a full day.
The condition for successful isolation is to give you
a deadline to decide .... The second condition is the
power of concentration to be maximum. The third
condition is to assume all the possibilities, to open
the mind to all perspectives, good and bad. It is a
process similar to a "compressed spring" happens
when we practice the isolation decisions. When the
mind is released after a major effort intensification
of thought that the "light" appears in the mind.
Then you know, what decision should be taken!
3 - Delete the false belief of the "royal road"
Thousands of people are convinced - wrongly - that
there is always a good thing or a bad decision. The
choice seems "positive or negative." It is a false
belief that because of "havoc" in the psyche and
causes unnecessary suffering.
There is not one right decision, but MANY! When
you go into a direction, you do not have a way to
get there. You can take several paths, even longer,
but they lead you to destination. In the process of
decision is exactly the same thing.

-3Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of the Governor A. GBADOE
Yet it seems difficult to accept that. Understand that
you can take the left lane, the middle or the right
one to get to your goal. Similarly, when you need to
make an important decision for you especially do
not fall into the dangerous trap of "good" or "bad"
choice. It is an illusion! You have several options.
Some will take longer to develop, other more direct,
but they are all useful. Eliminate forever the absurd
belief that you have to choose a path. The foursided pyramid. If you decide to take a corner to
climb to the top, you will succeed. If you decide to
take another angle, you will succeed just as much ...


- Forum ISAAME in Beirut (Lebanon)
from 8 to 11 December 2011 (India,
South Asia, Africa and Middle East)
- Forum "All Africa" in Kinshasa (DR
Congo) from 2 to 5 February 2012
- Multiple District 403 Convention in
Lome, TOGO late May, early June 2012
International Convention in Pusan,
Korea 22 to 26 June 2012:
- The schedule of visits of the Governor
André GBADOE is being finalized and
will be released in due course
- 1st Cabinet Meeting Governor André
GBADOE in Lome, TOGO end of
October 2011
- Visit the site regularly facebook
Governor André GBADOE for
information online:

-4Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:

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