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Useful online tools.

Anti-virus and spyware removal
software and software packates
are used to prevent, detect, and
delete computer viruses, worms,
trojan horses and spyware
(malware in general). Examples
of anti-virus software is the open source antivirus engine ClamAv, employed by the online virus
scan of
A variety of strategies are useful. Signature-based detection involves searching for known patterns
of data within code (executable). However, it is possible for a computer to be infected with new
malware for which no signature is yet known. For these cases heuristics are employed One type of
heuristic approach, generic signatures, can identify new viruses or variants of existing viruses by
looking for known malicious code, or slight variations of such code lines, in files. Some antivirus
software can also predict what a file will do by running it in what is called a sandbox and analyzing
what it does to see if it performs any malicious actions. If the antivirus software employs heuristic
detection, success depends on achieving al low ratio of false postitives and negatives.


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