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C.F.A.B.A.S. - breeding PACA regional
01/10/2011 - AVIGNON (84)
Place and date: the exhibition will be held on 01/10/2011 in Avignon
Arrival-judgments : Access to the exhibition is open to 8: 30 am. The judgments will begin at 9: 30 a.m. precise.
Veterinary service: Veterinary service will be provided by a doctor of veterinary service has all powers to decide on the
acceptance, refusal or removal, both at the entrance in exposure, appearing with defects or sick dogs, visibly full dogs, in a
State of lactation or accompanied by their young, with female dogs in heat, dangerous dogs.
The decision of the veterinarian is without appeal.
The presentation of the certificate of vaccination against rabies (more than a month) is mandatory.
Cancellation : Where this is impossible to open the exhibition for reasons beyond the control of the organizers, major
commitment fees will not be reimbursed, whereas the Club will have to cover the Organization incurred.
Commitments : They will not be reimbursed for non-submission or package after on 01/10/2011.
Are only admitted to the exhibition dogs enrolled in a book of origins (book of waiting included) of a member of the F.C.I. or
a country not affiliated with the book of origin is recognized by the F.C.I.
Will be refused: registrations received after the closing date of commitments or after 18/09/2011, commitments to the post
the day of the exhibition (except lots of livestock), all changes or registrations in other classes involved on the day of the
exhibition. With respect to the american staffordshire terrier, will be denied the judgments of those who had the ears