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PHYSICAL REVIEW A 84, 023836 (2011)

FIG. 3. (Color online) The power-flow density distributions in a near-field vacuum region (75 μm above a ferrite disk) for the 2 resonance
(f = 8.641 GHz). (a) A general picture in a waveguide, (b) a detailed picture near the region of a ferrite disk. There is evidence for
electromagnetic-field transparency and cloaking.

state exists with definite values of spin and orbital angular
momenta. Here, it is relevant to make some comparison of our
results to the properties of spin and orbital angular momenta
of the fields in optical helical beams and optical near-field
structures. In optics, it was shown that, besides the angular
momentum related to photon spin, light beams in free space
may also carry orbital angular momentum. Such beams are
able to exert torques on matter [25]. For particles trapped

on the beam axis, both spin and orbital angular momenta
are transferred with the same efficiency so that the applied
torque is proportional to the total angular momentum [26]. In
literature, it is pointed out that the situation for understanding
the physics of the spin and orbital angular momenta of light
becomes more complicated in the optical near-field regime,
where the optical fields, under the influence of the material
environment, exhibit quite a different nature from those in free