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The meaning of our ndignation
We do not live in a country like Tunisia, Egypt, Syria or Bahrain. Mauritius is also different
to countries like Greece, Spain and other EU Member States on the brink of financial
Mauritians recognise that a lot has been done and achieved since Independence in 1968.
However, there is a general malaise today among the population and a high degree of
indignation among the young because of three things in particular:
1. The permanence of “communalism”, ie a form of racism which is perpetuated on a
systematic basis by politicians and sectarian organisations and used to divide people
along ethnic/religious lines, thereby (and forever and ever) threatening the social fabric
of the Mauritian nation.
2. Institutionalised corruption and mega politico-financial scandals which enriched a few
unscrupulous individuals and deprived the country of its financial resources.
3. Successive and unholy political alliances between the main political parties which are
conducted only to maintain themselves in power, not to serve the people of Mauritius.
Noor Adam Essack
On behalf of ‘WANTED: 15,000...’
3 September 2011

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