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Songs of Praise 50 th Birthday Celebration - Alexandra Palace
Dear Friend of Songs of Praise,
We are delighted that you will be joining us as part of the audience for our Songs of Praise
50th Birthday Celebration.
Aled Jones will be hosting the evening, and our special guests joining him on stage will be
the one and only Andrea Bocelli, gospel diva Beverley Knight, voice of an angel Katherine
Jenkins and international country music legend, LeAnn Rimes.
It means an enormous amount to all of us on Songs of Praise that you are taking part in this
very special celebration – we hope that you have a wonderful time.
The event takes place in the Great Hall, Alexandra Palace, via Palm Court main entrance
Alexandra Palace
Alexandra Palace Way
N22 7AY
Telephone for General enquiries: +44(0) 20 8365 2121
Sunday, 25th
1800 hrs
1900 hrs
1915 hrs

September 2011
Doors open
Audience to take their seats
Sound check and rehearsal of audience hymns with conductor, Paul
Leddington Wright
1930-2130 hrs Record Songs of Praise 50 th Birthday Celebration. Please note there will not
be an interval during this recording
Dress Code: Please wear whatever you feel comfortable in, as a guide this can be formal or
less so, just as you prefer. Cheerful colours work well. Please avoid logos, small checks or
thin stripes, or all-white or all-black. This helps to ensure that the lighting is as flattering as
possible! If you'd like to bring party hats, flags, whistles, church or choir banners etc, please
do so!
How to get there:
By Sat Nav – postcode N22 7AY, drop off & collection points Palm Court coach bay.
By Tube - Wood Green is the nearest underground station. Take the Piccadilly Line
(connect at King’s Cross from the Circle Line or mainline trains) to Wood Green Station.
Take the FREE ‘Alexandra Palace’ shuttle bus from a separate bus stop at Wood Green
which is situated outside the Jolly Anglers pub, across the road from the tube station
(London United buses signposted ALEXANDRA PALACE – service runs from 16:00 – 19:30
and return journeys 21:30 - 23:00hrs) or use London public transport W3 bus from public bus
stop (for further details see: to Palm Court main entrance.
By Rail - Alexandra Palace Rail Station - located at the Wood Green entrance to the Park.
A regular train service runs direct from Kings Cross, changing at Finsbury Park. Take the

FREE ‘Alexandra Palace’ shuttle bus (London United buses signposted ALEXANDRA
PALACE – bus stop situated just outside station service runs from 16:00 – 19:30 and return
journeys 21:30 - 23:00hrs) or W3 (local London transport bus) to Palm Court main entrance
Ample provision has been made to transport guests to and from location for the event,
where possible we encourage all guests to utilise this service for hassle free and
efficient travel to and from Alexandra Palace.
Disabled Parking
Due to the large number of guests we encourage where possible for elderly and disabled
guests to drop off and pick up at the Palm Court main entrance.
Only valid badge holders will be directed to the nearest disabled parking space that is
available in the East car park and the overflow in the Grove car park.
Shuttle buses will also be operating from the Paddock, Pavilion, Grove and East car parks to
assist guests to Alexandra Palace, Palm Court main entrance, service runs from 16:00 –
19:30 and return journeys 21:30 - 23:00hrs.
Public Coach travel
All public coaches drop off and collection will be in the East Car Park, coaches can then park
in the Pavilion Car Park.
Visitor Parking
Visitor and public car parking is very limited on site including disabled spaces. All parking is
on a first come first served basis and no reservations or passes can or will be made. Once
public parking spaces are full parking marshals will re direct to off site Wood Green car parks,
details as follows:
Opening Hours
Sunday 8.00 AM - 1.30 AM
Tariffs - East & West Car Park Tariff Daily
Up to 1 hour £1.00
1 to 3 hours £2.00
3 to 10 hours £3.00
over 10 hours £6.00
Free parking on entry after 6pm for the first 4 hours, lost ticket charge is £6.00
For a more convenient journey to and from Alexandra Palace you are encouraged to use
public transport links to either Alexandra Palace Rail Station or Wood Green station, you can
then take either the FREE shuttle buses (London United buses signposted ALEXANDRA
PALACE - service runs from 16:00 – 19:30 and return journeys 21:30 - 23:00hrs) or the W3
(local London transport bus, for further details see:
Concessions on sale
Marconi Servery at rear of Great Hall open until 1900 hrs.
Serving: tea, coffee, soft drinks, sandwiches and snacks.
Opening times: 1100-2300 hrs.
Serves hot/cold meals from 1200 until 2000 hrs
Please be advised that random bag checks may be conducted at the door and it is
strictly prohibited to bring glass bottles to the recording.

Alexandra Palace is also hosting the Big Stamp Exhibition on 25th September 2011.
It is located at Palm Court – Main Entrance, West Hall from 10:00 – 16:00.
It will be one of the largest paper craft shows in the UK, offering craft enthusiast’s inspiration,
extensive shopping and a fun atmosphere. The Exhibition will feature over sixty craft
retailers exhibiting the latest paper craft products, available to buy on the day.

Pavilion car park – Public coaches car park +
Parking for visitors - SPACES LIMITED
Grove car park Overflow
Disabled Parking

Palm Court coach bay - shu l e bus
audiences drop off & col lec on poi nt

East car park – Disabled parking +
drop offpoi nt for Publ ic coaches

Paddock car park - Parking for

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