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« Leader Food Process » is a comapny specialized in spices and herbs
production and packaging, it’s based in Sfax Town in Tunisia.
Our offer is as follow :

Wole or Ground Spices


Mixture of Spices & Herbs (North Africain & Mediterranean Formula)


Sun Dried Herbs

« Leader Food Process » products labeled « ElKhabia » are actually
distributed on all hypermarkets on Tunisian territory as Carrefour, Geant,
Champion, Magasin General, MONOPRIX, Mercure Market, PROMOGROS
and other reputed groceries.

Since it’s creation by 2000, and being as LTD Company with capital of
160.000.00€, « Leader Food Process » is seeing in contunious development ;
Seeing our market well developed and our technical and management
competence evoluate, we make our plan to develop our offer on
international market.



Please find by follow an overvew from our offer.

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