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Bulletin of the Governor GBADOE October 2011 .pdf

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Governor André GBADOE

Year 2011-2012 – District 403 A2 – October 2011

YEAR 2011 - 2012

Governor District 403 A2
Year 2011 – 2012

We are in October, the fourth
month of our fiscal year, lions
months of service during this
month the lions have become
accustomed to celebrate the
service, the service lions.
They do this in various ways and the 8th of
October is generally used for events.
Whatever the form chosen:

- Donations of blood,
- Donations of food,
- Inaugurations or receipt of major works
- Launch of large-scale works,
- Open House,
- Press conferences,
- Etc,
The lions in these events show that they
are serving their communities and they are
proud of the impact of their volunteer
activities. It s thus restore full meaning to
their motto "We Serve". This year our
International President asks us to believe in
the Service because we are transforming
people's lives like no other service
organization does, this year he asks us to
consider environmental protection as an
important aspect of our service and invites
us to plant a million trees around the world
what is more natural for me to recommend
this month that the Lions service is largely
devoted to planting trees! Some lions have
already fulfilled their obligations in this
area and often went far beyond the targets.
Others are preparing to do so. It's a real
pleasure to congratulate those who have
already achieved their goals and encourage
others to redouble their efforts to a
successful conclusion during this month.
Dear officials, friends lions, messengers
overwhelmingly, are bringing our family,
our friends and relations to plant together
with us and wear the badge proudly, "I
Planted a Tree" Excellent Service lions
months at all

Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
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The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE

Louis Albert DE NEEF
Email :

In this month of October 2011, the
Governor André GBADOE asked
Lions to continue their efforts to
plant one million tree and wrap
the earth in a canopy. Be aware
that the landscape and nature
have positive influences on the
health of the population. Based on

simple ... Who has kept the faculty of
wonder, walks in the fresh air is a source
of joy and lifeblood. It fills oxygen and
scents the air we breathe, the world painted
in the colors of the rainbow sky, sets the
pace of the seasons and weather. All life
has its source in her, she surrounds us
daily. Yet today, nature has become for us
an accessory. We have lost the sense of
natural pleasures. Only children still seem
to have a real relationship with nature.
They marvel at a flower, stretch and roll on
the grass, laughing or imitate grasshoppers
and other small animals. In our cultures,
such behavior is described as "childish."
We have almost forgotten how this life in
direct contact with nature is a blessing for
the body, and more for the soul. It is up to
us to awaken the child in every adult and
back to the original pleasures. Planting
trees for your health.
Visit clubs in Ghana

existing literature, the researchers conclude
that the natural and managed landscapes,
such as green space, urban parks or rivers,
have beneficial effects on physical health,
psychological and social population. An
attractive and easily accessible to
encourage such practice more sports.
Similarly, the presence of trees and
meadows encourage positive feelings and
reduce frustration, anger and stress. As for
public parks, they are places of
convergence and promote social
integration in this way. Finally, it appears
that children and young people are
stimulated by the natural landscapes,
particularly those with lots of green. Find
the soul of a child. Nature walk with eyes
wide open and senses. Relax in the most
-2Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
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The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE

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-3Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
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The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE
be asked ahead of this moderation is to ask
what factors allow some moderation of
Basically, self-control is understood as the
leader's ability to learn to step back on
itself and others. It can refer to the
definition of control given by the
dictionary of the French Academy:
Master: An act by which one marks the
superiority in an art or a science. If we
look at this definition, the definition of
self-control is for an individual to strive for
some moderation, considering that all
things are relative.
As concept of leadership, self-control
comes in three faculties:
• Know your strengths and weaknesses,
• Do not be afraid of criticism, considering
that everything is learning
• How to assess the relative notion of
perfection ... and moderate its demands
(expectations) to self and to others.
We offer this issue explore these
leadership abilities necessary for selfcontrol.


« Self-control in a good leader…. »
Self-control is an ability of some people to
move towards a leadership through
moderation, freedom and learning. This
record of leadership explains what are the
faculties of the leader in self-control ... that
help ensure its leadership.
One of the principles observed by the
leaders is self-control. Common sense of
this notion is to say that this knowledge is
moderate at all times. But the question to

Know your strengths and weaknesses to
better self-control ... ..
The leader is no exception to the rule
common to all humanity: everyone has the
qualities and defects. Strengths and
weaknesses in certain areas.
The advantages of self and others are
The assets are operated by the leader is not
particularly highlight. The reason is that in
terms of leadership, the individual knows
his strengths are not absolute (an asset
today may become a weak point later), or
proprietary (other people have assets at
least as strong ).
Weaknesses of self and others are
The leader does not exploit the weaknesses

Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
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The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE
of others. He shares his experience and
knowledge if he can help others if they
wish to change. The reason is simple: selfcontrol in terms of leadership places the
leader on an equal footing with the others
in terms of strengths and weaknesses. The
leader is aware of having himself
weaknesses. This awareness into
perspective his views on others.
Another point, such as assets, have a
leadership that is regarded as weaknesses
are relative and non-exclusive: a person
can improve and a person does not
concentrate as weaknesses.
This approach helps a lot to self-control
because this premise, the weaknesses are
no longer frustrated. They are learning and
sources of motivation to try to do better.
Do not be afraid of criticism to improve
self-control ....
Winston Churchill said a beautiful thing on
criticism: criticism can be unpleasant, but
necessary. It is like pain to the human
body: it draws attention to what's wrong.
Critics admit (agree to receive criticism) is
a quality of leadership because it is a
source of personal mastery. Thus, the
leader knows that there are at least a little
truth in every criticism, even if the
arguments are exaggerated, misleading or
intended to weaken or destabilize.
Again the dictionary of the French
Academy sheds light on this concept to
admit something: Admit: Receive choice
for or condescension. And also: Allow,
allow. In other words, accept the criticism
is not to take for granted everything that is
said about ourselves and what we do. Is to
have a certain height in accepting criticism
... while retaining the freedom to do things
in perspective without frustration. Because
as we have seen, self-control is to consider
the qualities and defects as related.
This freedom helps the leader to control his
learning, his personal achievement. In

other words, to be fulfilled.
Take perfection as a relative concept for
self-control ....
A principle of leadership by the course
leader is to be aware of not being perfect
and not being able to make things perfect.
A leader is not perfection and what it does
is not perfect.
Each person has a different vision of what
perfection. There are 6.5 billion people on
Earth. So there are 6.5 billion different
perceptions of perfection. Perfection in an
absolute sense, the whole scientific
production in which the human being is
endowed, like a 1 + 1 = 2. Perfection in a
relative sense, it is a human being who
believes that 1 + 1 = 4 for all large values
of 1.
Again, consider perfection as a relative
concept does not generate frustration but is
a source of liberation: it is easier to access
some self control considering that the men
and things are not fixed, neither inherently
good or inherently evil.
Know and accept yourself and others ...
look ... look critically relativity of
perfection as factors of self-control ... what
does that say to you?
For plan your trips and you better organize

- Forum ISAAME in Beirut (Lebanon)
from 8 to 11 December 2011 (India,
South Asia, Africa and Middle East)
- Forum "All Africa" in Kinshasa (DR
Congo) from 2 to 5 February 2012
- Multiple District 403 Convention in
Lome, TOGO late May, early June 2012

Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
Email :

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE
International Convention in Busan,
Korea 22 to 26 June 2012:
- 1st Cabinet Meeting Governor André
GBADOE in Lome, TOGO ,October
2011, 15th
- Visit the site regularly facebook
Governor André GBADOE for
information online:
-Visit clubs of Togo du 15 au 17
octobre 2011
-Visit clubs of Côte d’Ivoire du 26 au
30 october 2011

-6Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
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