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Important information
The “institut supérieur de marketing du luxe”
has a four step enrollment procedure:
1°/ the application form must be returned
along with
z a hand-written cover letter and a résumé
z a two page essay on the luxury sector
z a passport photo
z a check for the inscription fees (the
amount is on the application form) made
out to EDC. These fees are non-refundable.
2°/ a personal interview with a panel of judges,
all professionals of the luxury sectors
3°/ a written and an oral exam on luxury, in
French or in English
4°/ a written and an oral English exam
Tuition (see the application form)
includes the study trips and seminars.

I chose ‘Sup de Luxe’ to help me succeed
in my new professional project…
Olivier Perrruchot (‘Sup de Luxe’ 1995)
French and British General Manager
of Piaget