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60 ans d’expérience

Le luxe, une passion,
un métier, un réseau


he Luxury enterprises are most fascinating but they constitute a very private circle. Nevertheless, they
need young graduates who have an excellent marketing level and a thorough knowledge of the

luxury sector. ‘Sup de Luxe’ is the ideal environment for students to meet all the major actors of the luxury
field: top managers, creators or decision makers. ‘Sup de Luxe’ is above all the place where you can build
a really valuable network and this in only one year! Trust me, this is the best way to make a career in the
luxury sector. Our 1300 graduates hold key positions in all the luxury firms in France and in the world.
They are eager to share their passion and their profession: Luxury.

Alain Dominique PERRIN
President of EDC
Executive Director of
« Compagnie Financière Richemont »
Former CEO of Cartier
President of the ‘Fondation Cartier’