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PIace1)( Ia ItInd by .......

2 Prell Aone Becond lAd chann81 reversed l8ttiIIO
Idenlifler ('d') will flash.



3, Turn D until 'END-P' and channe' Identifler convenlllllsM"''''
'123456' flash meanwhlle.

4, Press Aor C, swashplate type and single channel When setting IR
identifler wllillash meanwhile.
parameter for
5, Turn D to choose channel lor CCPM120· mix- swashplale, '1'
Alleron chan",!":
represents EJe~
6, Press A or C. swashplate type, single channel and '3" repre-iooUIl'
identif1er and time display identifler ("I") will flash channe I.



7... Turn 0 to adlusl currenl channel mlx-control
volume (press Aone second to recover It 10 delault.)
8... Press Cto save dala and enter into analher search.
9, Press B10 exit after finishing setup.

Operation Steps
1, Plaee TX In stand by status.
2 Press A one second and channei reversed
setting Identifler rd') will flash.

Jura 0 untll "END·P· lAd c

OperatIon Stepl

7 Turn Dto set the rudder value, use DIR swltch DIR ..........JI
to choose hlgh·rate mode or low·rate mode. shake 1251.

the correspondlng channel control stick 10 select Note: NegatlYe
control dlrectJon
rudder value tor left, right. upper and under sldes. swing dlreetlon of
(Press Aone second if you want 10 change Dual Rate
Rudder value of letVright or up/down to detaul!.)
8... Press Gto save data and enter into next search.
9... Press B to exit afterfinishing selup

Wing-mix parameter setup:
Operation Steps

Functlon Descliptlon

It provides lhree
kinds 01 general

parameters setup
and asymmetrie
value setup of
lele/rlght or
up/down side 01
control stick tor

,... Place TX in sland by status.

2... Press A one second and channel reversed
setting identifier ("d") will flash
3... Turn 0 until 'MIXES' and channel Identlfier
"123456" flash logelher

Press A or C, and 'MIXES" will flash whlle
'123456" disappear. (1fthis parameter has been set
before, it will display last wlng type)

5... Turn Dto choose wlng-mix type.

, " represents no wlng-mlx
·1" represents AIS. Mix.
(the same wlth page 9 picture A.B)
When chooslng channel. timt
display Identifler rl·) eIIi• •
eurrenl channel's wlngparameter value lor UN
convenlent 5earch.
Use corre5pondlng
01 each chann.1
parameter 01 leftlfllll

6... Press A or C. "MIXES" , current mix mode and
parts In wtna. .
single channel will Ilash meanwhlle.



Turn D10 choose maln channel or sub channei. of ~rflI

8 Presl A or C. ·MIXES·. current mix modI, I",~
. . .IIIX cllannel block and tim. d/spIa1ldet'"

n __IIImtllWblle

.Indol '"""Ul.. ~ n,


.. 1~ .... lXlI

7 ....


] 'lIeIl•• !. Prtu A 0lIl _ _
. . , ,., 1dIillIfIwj"Il"JWllIIIsh
3. Tm 0 lIIllI'ClNtY'lIlCl








Pms A Of C, 'CUR'r . . e."1al: e-....s 11 _
,;:wiI lIuIl ~. wlwlt lIlI tut .... GI lIrM lbilIIJ
......... _



TIlI1I 0 to elloose chJ",,*, lIllI'-tIisPllY odnIIrfier lar ...,.. c......' "
Cf") di$plll5 '5do!'

Press A Of C, 'CORV' II'lll ewrrlnt dot "'lJf\tr TIII IHr
(ch~nnll Idln~"lr dol posItIOn) • .-11 IInh /lilpl., I
IlIsP"JI 'f'




pUllIIllIr "rU f
llP'lIhOf1 C_ 1Il


1. Turn D[0 chGOst /lot posltlon olojHIralion curwe

PIISS A or C. 'CORV', turrlnt ~Ol H1~ltr (thlnnl'! stick, w\IIlt . . _ ....
klent,!!er rlp,.senIS dOl poIItion] Ind Ihe lnllhree llgur,,' or 11 ~.,.
01 time display Identiliel
will fluh melw"IiIII, .hlle up Plflllllttt ....
'lhrom, cnn n


9. Turn 0 10 set up turrl"l d<l1 poslhon nlul or opesJbOn connllltllt '" __ ..
curn (PlUS A 0l1li MCond 10 llItO>tf curreft1 Ißt doI
poSJIIOß wallIIs 10 MIIUlll.

10, Press Ctu $In dIU aIId entlf '1lIO nul SIIfd1
, 11. Press Btu UJl al1tf Itnlslllnll NluD


7 •


--s-. .......





. T•

......,1"'""E". m".
lIle 1lIIt"""

MT sIll,

1. Tum Dto I1lIq1 oper1llon t1IM YllulII25.
I. PreIIC to uve dIlIlIldenttflntonbUean:h.
9. Press 810 exillfler finishing SttlJll

1111. . . 01 normal PllCH curve Ind 3D curv,ls dill,ren!. Throttle hold swtldllllllll be ............. The\lfOCISS 0' 3D PlTCH CUfve sttup is as 101i0WI:
TlItIflrsldol value: 30%
1lMt.-cond dol velue: 35%
llIelhlrd dol value: 40%
TIlB lourlh dot velue: 45%
TM f1fth dot value: 52%

PIIct lIIronJe hold switch In on SlIIUI. and then operale 1I 1011011I1:

I~ Oesc~pIIOn

1111 the prOCISI 01
setting op,ratlon
cun. v.lue 01
elenlor channel

Operation Sleps
1. Plac. TX In sland by stalus
2. Press Aone s,cond and channel reversed
3. Turn 0 unlil "CURV" Ind channelldentlfitr
'123456" Ilash maanwhll'
4. PIlISS Aor C, 'CURV' Illd Ch,nnel kllIntIfltr
5. Tum 0 to chOOle PITCH clWlnel. 'CuaY"
llMI cIlIMII 1dInIlIII' '6' l1Ub mNllwlllll,
WIIII1 tInM lIlspIIJ ldIIitllIer ("t.) '11I J'



When curlor lIlO\'II 18 ...
dllllllY ldentlIIIr ( " t 1 "
whlch 1llI."I"
When doo'l", C,,"
.....,Idl 01
CIMI .........




...ftIIrt ''''liS'~



11, twaOtD ....PClmlll


12. PmlC.·CURV"lIldckll.IIl
T .....
13. Aor C. "CUfI'r. clIlRlIIlldsi 11I1


flgurn 01 timt display MIenlIfief ('1"," tIafl MSI .'R

lirsl figure displays "d"
14, Turn 0 to seI up currtm cIot YllIIe u ()4ij
15, Press C. "CURV" .nd ch.nntl id.ntlflIr '4'''' flIIIIIr

16. Press Aor C. "CURV". channelldenllf\ef "4"IlIllIII
Iigures 01 time drsplay Idenlflrer ('I') will nllh me
IIrst rlgule dlsplaYI "d17, Turn 0 10 set up Curfenl dOl value IS 045
18. Presl C. "CURV' aM channeildtnllllir '5" WIll nuh mtlllWllllt.
19, I"rIn A or C. 'CURV", chlnnelloentllrer '5' ancllllt Iut ....
llgures oltiml display loentiller ('I") wllllluh mun.hlll. wtlIlIllI
Ilrsl Ilgure olsplilYS '0' ,
20. Turn 0 10 set up curlent 001 villue iIS 052
21, PrISS Cto silve dilll
22. Press B!wIe. to eXil after limshlng selup

lIyrt •••• III.11y


SI 11I,l_ly f ....... 1Ild Gyro Slatus are iIIuslraled below

".,'lCtllllllono dlstance In proportfon. AI 2.



80 JOU ein perform a simulated proportfon te
_,111 ft8nna1 mlnlwat status. For example. In an open wlde area, the eontrol _ _
•""111 ft 18 perhaps 6 meters In eomplex electromagnetlc environment In houst.
~AAlilfi1rlnsmftter according to thls Information.
Ho to range test the J6:
1.WIth the model on and restlng on the ground, stand 30 paees (approx. 90 feet) away from the
2.Face the model wlth the transmitter in your normal f1ying position, Place the transmitter in the,......
screen and pul! and hold the trainer swltch on the top 01 the transmitter. Thls causes reduced power
the transmitter.
3. You should have total contral of the model with the trainer switeh pulled at 30 paees (90 feet).

Wireless copy function:
Functlon Description

Operation Steps

It Is to copy model
parameters each

1, Plaee TX in stand by stalus.
2, Press A and Bane seeond tagether, and





The first two figures
ldentlfler (·f·) display
·MODE· and model number identiller (·e") will and the last two tigUI"~
flash meanwhile.
3, Turn 0 until ·COPY· in time display Press Ato recover It
Identlfler (·f·) flashes.
R: r.presents
4. Press A or C. and the flrst two fIguras of S: ralPrtBlt'ftl
tfme display Identlfler ("f') flash.
5. Turn D to ehoose data number to bt

r. blatnlClI.
tIIrn on transmitter wlth 30 swltch on, IOd tIIen leD Will dIa " •
•Then you have to pull 30 swltch to normal statu (I
pIay 3Ir
s pu ItII. Stick baclcwlnl)

r tle hold switch safety proteelIon
~~fi_1II1 Dllcrlpllon

tl/s to glve protectlon and correcllng prompts tor user's mlsoperatlon.
o,.r8110n Inslructlon

/tyoumrn on transmitter wlth throttle hold swftch on, and then lCD will display "HOlD •
sends lnterval noise. Then you hav& to pulllhrottre hold sw1tch to normal status (puJlthestfclt
blfore using,

Inding with receiver:
llellon D••crlpllon

11 used tor establlshlng communlcation between transmitter and ls requll'ICt'."
WIIen you use areceiver tor the11rst's betterto !ceep the transmitter wlthln O.s:....
8Ceiver 10 avold any Influences to other transmitters durtng the blndlng.

an tbe receiver. Insert binding bar Into the binding faum, and tII.lEO
down the binding bar when the receiver ls power on. TbIn-'


Wustration above. the TX leD will display
•Rttease the buttons of TX. LED on receIY8r
_~.," status, and LeD displa,. nonnall-lnfillrJll
_"~lHJturn off. . JXtQ,_~.

~_,. ....h Itloa stIc

to In elChllllt position (upper end Is MODE 1, _1i'MII

obVlous spact.


ys swltch from mode 1 to mode 21n the power off status 01 TX.
•""tace the cover tlmely to avoid swltchlng the stick by mlstake.

Po er savlng control
Th. TX will automatically enter into proper power saving mode lf there is no operation In a rOllt
backlight will be off 1I there is no operation wilhin 30 seconds, and TX will enter into dormant
operation 01 control stick wi1hin 5 minutes.
The TX battery vollage adopts simulate display, When TX sends low voltage alarm and battery
Instruction box Is f1ashing, please replace the battery limely to avoid remale control fallure.

Communlcation protocol choice:

.. DllcrlpÜo

The TX 11 compatlble wlth our other transmi1ters which are wlth old communicatlon protoefoL
reblnd It If the communication protocol is changed belore f1ying.

1)( power off, pUSh the throttle hold switch downwards, press the traIner slwtk:bil
·.....iolotoi. . flOllUliölllcatlon protocol cholce Interface. LeD displays "R-1" or "R-O"
~_lfIIIIeatIon prolol tllrough DIR swltch (R·1 represents IIIW
:.0 "pnl86m okl communlcation protocoI, do


....r_ _• You CIft cIIIIIe *.t

flelory R... t D..crl,ll..
nCln Qive alIulck Faclory Reset wl'ienll'ie parameters are chaolic.

.....11•• I••lrucllo11

Wllen TXls power oft, push A, B. CIOllelher amI then turn on Ihe power,lt will enterinto FICIOry .....
Leo displays 'RST' and f1asl'ies meanw!'lile, release lhe buttons .nd Faclory R.set wIllIlI Ca pM.

Wir. Tr.ln••rlunellon
r ..... Dtaut,tiH
11110 Tralnnef wtlIl wirtin Itrrible sillnallnterferenCI status

u• L iIIl: '
1lIgII-fIIt lIta ••

"tron cIIInrItI
Ichl':flll modI

1II0h-fltl ,


ElnllDf Chlllflll
ID..-nll rnode

IIIOh-fltl ~

RuddIr clWloll


lL . . . .




· --














TllIll 11



sll~ 1Ittl\Ott"


dlU• •

2 ur


3 T~



5 CH5

6 '"'

• feClI", Ironl ,I,•

• Iront
stgnal Une

biN 11M



--• •• •• •• •• •• ••





















It there are many rllrnote control equlpments worklng 81the same firne. pluse do Q tfIIo==:
turn on the power of TX betare receiver is connected wflh power, and make sure tIle TXill
from lhe receiver (elose pfO~lmilY is unlavorable). Make lila receiver conn.cttd wIIIl .....
distance (aboUl1 m 102m) 01 TX aod lhe receiver 10 lest whettler lhe mOVflmentofllCl
fluent when Ihe receiver responds 10 TX. 11 tlle rnovemenlls nol nuent, pie... turn GIlb
and Ihe TX will re-choose Idle channello communicate. (ThIS operaflon SIlOo'd M COi"
from the receiver wlthout power.)


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