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Writing A Good Essay

A Good Essay . . .
Has a Beginning, Middle and End.
Uses Paragraphs
Can be Clearly Understood

An Essay Is . . .
A written speech, used to talk about a
given topic.

The Beginning
Has 3 Sentences
S1-Intro and a main overview of the
main, and primary topic.
S2-Thesis Statement (a statement that
proves a point)
S3-Lead or conversion to start you body

The Body
The Body is the main section of the
Can be put into 1 or many paragraphs.
Talks about the subjects main points.
Each paragraph is a different sub-topic
Gives all info. being presented

The End
Your ending paragraph sums up the entire
In Your Ending . . .

Restate your topic
Restate you Thesis Statement
Briefly touch on every topic in your essay in the
last sentence
In most essays, the Ending paragraph is what
people remember

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