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Pencil Scarf w photo .pdf

Nom original: Pencil_Scarf_w_photo.PDF.pdf

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***This pattern was first
designed, written, and
knitted by Zakka Life Crafts.
I loved it so much that I
wanted to write a crocheted
version of it. The original
designer was nice enough to
give me permission to post
my version. Thank you!***
One skein of, Caron Simply Soft in Lemonade.
Bits of the colors black, tan, gray, and soft pink. Size H hook or whatever
works best for you and your yarn.
For the ch 3 at the beginning of rows 10-125 and 127-135, I used a
technique for filling in the chain, so that you don’t have the hole that
always appears at the beginning of a row. Before you start your ch 3
take your hook to the back of your last dc. Insert your hook from back to
front and pull a loop through, (two loops on your hook) turn your work,
yo, pull though (one loop on hook), next insert your hook into the second
diagonal loop that you just made and yo, pull though, (two loops on
hook) yo and pull though. Now you can work your next reg dc. If you
need to see this worked out, in real time, there is a video on my blog that
has this technique and many other helpful ones. The lady says to make
one for each ch needed, but I found that on this scarf if I did it would
stick out on the sides, so I only did this this two times. If you don’t want
to use this technique then you should ch 3 at the beginning of each row.
Pattern :
With black ch 7
Row 1: Dc in 3 rd ch from hook and in each ch across, ch 3 turn. (5 dc)
Row 2-4: Dc in same sp as ch 3 (inc made), one dc in each dc across, 2
dc in loop of ch 3 of prev row (inc made), ch 3 turn. (11 dc)
Row 5-8: Color change to tan, rep row 2, 4 times. (19 dc)

Row 9: Color change to yellow. Rep row 2 once more. (21 dc)
Row 10-125: Dc in each dc across, ch 3 turn. (21 dc)
Row 126: Color change to gray. Dc in same sp as ch 3 (inc made), one
dc in each dc across, 2 dc in loop of ch 3 of prev row (inc made), ch 3
turn. (23 dc)
Row 127- 129: Dc in each dc across, ch 3 turn. (23 dc)
Row 130-135: Color change to pink. Dc in each dc across ch 3 turn. On
row 135 finish off, weave in the ends.

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