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Train for an Exciting Career
as a Motorcycle Technician

One Dream.
Two Wheels.
If you love the feeling you get taking your bike out
on the open road, you’ll love being a professional
motorcycle technician. At Motorcycle Mechanics
Institute (MMI) we can train you for the career
that you were born to do. As a motorcycle
technician, you’ll have the knowledge and
experience to apply your skills in dealerships,
independent repair shops and even racing
teams! Plus, in the motorcycle industry,
you’ll be working alongside people who
share your love for a finely-tuned
machine and that feeling of freedom
you find every time you climb into
the saddle...


Kick-Start Your Career in the
Motorcycle Industry

MMI provides training for
careers in a technologically
progressing industry *
*Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook
Handbook, 2010-11 Edition, Small Engine Mechanics, on the Internet at (visited July 12, 2010)





MMI offers manufacturer-specific training that allows you to
work on up-to-date models and equipment from today’s top
motorcycle manufacturers. Our intensive, hands-on training
can give you the skills and experience you need to become a
professional technician in just over a year.

Our Instructors
MMI instructors receive manufacturer-specific technical
updates to ensure your training is current with industry
expectations. These are industry pros with extensive realworld experience who know what it takes for you to succeed.

Our Relationships
MMI’s training curriculum is designed to meet the needs of a
changing industry. We work closely with the employers who hire
our graduates to ensure your training applies directly to the work
in the field. In fact, MMI is supported and equipped by:
- American Honda
- Kawasaki Motors Corporation, USA
- American Suzuki
- Yamaha Motor Corporation
- Harley-Davidson® Motor Company

“ The relationship between MMI
and Kawasaki is very important
because we need to be sure that
the technicians who are entering
Kawasaki dealerships are trained
properly and have the skills that our
dealers need”
Don Church
Manager of Service Training & Communications // Kawasaki



Choose Your Career Path
Landing a position as a professional
technician is just the first step on your
career path. With time and experience on
the job, you’ll find that in many cases you
can move up quickly into a variety of
rewarding positions, including:

You Pick the Program
At MMI, you choose which of today’s top brands of motorcycles,
ATVs, side-by-sides and personal watercrafts that you will
receive training on.

• Shop Foreman

Our programs feature:
• Hands-on training
• Up-to-date systems and vehicles
• High-tech equipment that’s used in the field
• Late model motorcycles from major manufacturers

• Sales Manager

You Earn the Respect
When you train at MMI, individual training programs offer
opportunities to start earning professional and industry
recognition that can increase your value to potential employers.
• Qualify for manufacturer technician status
• Earn manufacturer credentials
We Put the “Pro” in Your “Profession”
At MMI, we know that your technical skills are just part of the formula
for your career success. That’s why we also develop your professional
side, through valuable customer-relations and dealer-management
training. You’ll graduate with the attitude and confidence that are
highly sought after by today’s employers. It’s this key component to
your success that puts MMI graduates at the front of the pack.

• Service Advisor
• Service Manager
• General Manager
• Parts/Accessories Technician
• Parts Manager
• Manufacturer Representative
• Race Team Technician
• Business Owner
• Technical Instructor



You Choose the Campus
At MMI, you can choose to attend training in Phoenix, Arizona or
Orlando, Florida. Both of these outstanding campus
locations feature:
• Modern facilities in exciting metropolitan areas
• Professional training environment
• Industry-standard equipment, equipped by major manufacturers
• Current motorcycles, equipment and diagnostic tools

MMI graduates
are placed in a job
in their field of study†
† Source 2010; Data on file. UTI, Inc. UTI cannot guarantee employment.



Choose Your Core Training

Choose the core Motorcycle Technician Program that meets your
future training and career goals. If you are setting your sights on a
career as a Harley-Davidson® technician, select the Harley-Davidson
Program as your core training, it contains the first 30 weeks of the
motorcycle program with six weeks of specialized HD training.
Motorcycle Technician Program (36 weeks)
• Motorcycle Theory & Motorcycle Theory II
• Engines Powerflow and Precision Measuring
• Suspension and Chassis Systems
• Machining Operations and Precision Measuring
• Electrical Design and Operation
• Vehicle Maintenance
• Engine Troubleshooting and Noise Diagnosis
• Performance Review Testing
• Service Department Operations
• Advanced Electrical Testing
• Drivability/Performance Testing

After you complete the Motorcycle Technician Program, you must
select a minimum of one manufacturer-specific elective to qualify
for graduation. However, you are free to choose as many manufacturer-specific training programs as you wish to expand your skills
and credentials.

• Includes 30-weeks of Motorcycle Technician
Program training

- Motorcycle Theory/Motorcycle Theory II
- Engines Powerflow and Precision Measuring
- Suspension and Chassis Systems
- Machining Operations and Precision Measuring
- Electrical Design and Operation
- Vehicle Maintenance
- Engine Troubleshooting and Noise Diagnosis
- Performance Review Testing
- Service Department Operations

• Harley-Davidson® Technology
- Parts & Service Literature Usage
- Vehicle Model Identification
- Harley-Davidson University
- Dealer Operations
- Set-Up & Service
- Vehicle Maintenance
- Service Procedures

After you complete the Harley-Davidson Program, you must
complete the 24-week Harley-Davidson Late Model Elective
to qualify for graduation. Then you can choose the 6-week
Harley-Davidson early model elective to enhance your skills
and experience.


At MMI, you’ll start your motorcycle training with a strong core
program that combines classroom preparation and hands-on
experience. Core training covers the key components of motorcycle
technology and serves as a foundation for your development as a
professional technician.

Harley-Davidson® Program (36 weeks)

“ MMI is fully backed by the major manufacturers,
so with that you get the certification that you
wouldn’t normally get just coming off
the street.”
tim baker // MMI Graduate


Choose Any Manufacturer-Specific
Training Program
Officially endorsed by BMW Motorrad USA, this
training program gets you up to speed on BMW
Motorrad motorcycle models, equipment, processes and techniques.
Graduates receive an MMI/BMW-endorsed Motorrad Technician
certificate and have the entry-level experience to be recognized
as Level One Certified BMW Motorcycle Technician.

Honda: HonTech Training (24 weeks)
Jump-start your career with HonTech training that
gives you the skills and experience to work on Honda
motorcycles, ATVs, motorscooters, personal watercraft and power
equipment, earning up to eight valuable Honda certifications
while you train. Graduates earning all eight certifications receive
Registered status with Honda, giving you a head start on a great
career as a professional Honda technician.

Yamaha: YamaPro Training (12 weeks)
MMI’s YamaPro elective is officially endorsed by Yamaha. You’ll get
hands-on experience as you learn to service and repair Yamaha
motorcycles, ATVs, watercrafts, generators and snowmobiles.
Graduates have the opportunity to complete Yamaha 5-Star training
and earn, Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) Bronze-Level Technician
Certification, giving you a distinct advantage as an entry-level
technician starting your career.

MMI offers a Suzuki training program that is officially reviewed
and endorsed by the American Suzuki Motor Corporation. FAST
is designed to provide the knowledge and hands-on experience
needed to become a Suzuki technician. Graduates have the
opportunity to earn American Suzuki service recognitions and
credit towards their Bronze Level field designation.

Kawasaki: K-Tech Specialist Training

(12 weeks)
The K-Tech Specialist training program is officially endorsed and
equipped by Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA. You’ll train with Kawasaki’s
current motorcycles, ATV’s, utility vehicles and watercrafts on
your way to becoming a Kawasaki technician. Graduates will be
pre-qualified for Kawasaki Advanced Level 3 training and the
opportunity to complete dealership-exclusive training videos.

Harley-Davidson® Late Model Training

(24 weeks)
MMI is the only career education school that offers
a Harley-Davidson specific 24-week curriculum that is aligned
with Harley-Davidson University™. Reserved for graduates of the
Harley-Davidson Program, the course emphasizes hands-on
experience in the service and repair of late model Harley-Davidson
motorcycles and day-to-day dealership operations. As you train,
you’ll have the opportunity to earn valuable Harley-Davidson
recognized PHD course credits.*

Harley-Davidson® Early Model Training

(6 weeks)
Graduates of Harley-Davidson Late Model training have
the option to expand their knowledge to include the design,
repair and maintenance of Harley-Davidson vehicles dating
back to 1936. This hand-on experience with classic motorcycles
provides students with a well-rounded training and ability to pursue
their passion of working with classic Harley-Davidson bikes.


BMW: Motorrad Training (12 weeks)

Suzuki: FAST Training (12 weeks)

* Harley-Davidson Late Model Training is required for graduation by
students in the Harley-Davidson training program. Students may only
select Early Model Training after completion of the Late-Model Training



We’ve Got Your Back
MMI Student Services
SupportS Your Career

Financial Assistance
Financial aid is available to those who qualify. Contact our
Financial Aid Department for help in applying for financial
assistance, including:
- Various loans and grants, including Title IV funding
- Pell Grants
- SEOG Program
- Workforce Investment Act
- Vocational Rehabilitation Act
- Veterans benefits

• S ervices are available to MMI graduates and alumni
for their entire careers, including access to the Alumni
Job Board online.
Housing Assistance
Whether you are coming from across town or across the
country, we can help you find affordable housing options
close to campus:
• Learn about housing options near your campus
• Listings are updated regularly
• Get help finding a student roommate
• Ask your MMI representative for details
Tuition Reimbursement
Many companies offer to pay graduates’ loans through
the T.R.I.P. (Tuition Reimbursement Incentive Program).
• Program helps participating companies attract and
retain top technicians
• Not all employers participate
• For more information, contact Employment Services


At MMI, we want you to continue to be successful throughout your
career. That’s why we offer Student Support Services that assist
you before, during and after your training. Our goal is to help you
reach your personal and career objectives and we’ll do our best to
help you along the way.

Graduate Employment Assistance
• Graduates receive placement assistance*
- Complimentary “Job Hunting Guide”
- Résumé assistance
- Notification of current career openings

*MMI cannot guarantee employment.



Industry’s Choice
Manufacturers need technicians trained in their specific
technology and they depend on MMI to train them. Together,
we’re working to make your dreams of a motorcycle technician
career a reality by training you with the right skills and
introducing you to the employers who value them.

Make Your Career the

Ride of a Lifetime

If you’re like many of our graduates, you can’t wait to get
your future into gear. At MMI, you can graduate from our
Motorcycle Technician Specialist Program in just over
a year. Find out why MMI is “the industry’s choice” for
technicians and take your first step on the road to a great
career as a professional motorcycle technician.


MMI is the

or Call Your MMI Representative
To Find Out More About Training For a
Career as a MOTORCYCLE technician!



For More Information
Visit us online at

or Contact your MMI Representative

Main Campus

2844 W. Deer Valley Rd. I Phoenix, AZ 85027
Toll Free (877) 201-2624
A Branch Campus of Universal Technical Institute, Phoenix, AZ

9751 Delegates Drive I Orlando, FL 32837
Toll Free (877) 201-2671

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