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Titre: How I make shadows
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Shadows, yeah !
Hello, my friend !
I’ll try to explain how to make shadows, but… It’s not my cup of tea.
Anyway, let’s go !!
1-The light source
First, you must to know where’s the light in your drawing is. It’s the most important, ne ?

Make some drawings very quickly to train yourself to place shadows.
Now, think about the light intensity. For example, the sun’s light is more important that a
candle’s light.

2-Uh… I don’t have any ideas to name this part.
Well, take the drawing you want to shade.

TADAM ! Surprising, isn’t it ?
Create a new layer above the one where there are the colors and call it “Shadow”… Epic
title. Don’t forget to adjust the opacity and to put your layer in multiply mode (The 4th in the
list, and it’s calling “produit”, in French).
Generally, I don’t take black to make shadows ‘cause I think it’s a little sad. So, I try
different color according to the ambiance I want give to the picture. Look.

The second is happier, don’t you think ?

3-The light color
If the light is making by the sun, by fire or by a flashlight, the color is different.
To make this effect like I do, is very simple ! Create a new layer above the shadow layer
and put it in incrustation mode (the 11th in the list).
Take a big and fuzzy brush like that (but with the color you want, obviously !) :

Below, I took a green big fuzzy brush, and the dog seems to be lit by a green light.

4-One little advice.
How to color the lineart ?
Go on your lineart layer and click there :

And color.

I really hope this little tuto could help you… Sorry for the
little crappy drawing
If you don’t understand something or if you want details, ask me.
Oh, one last thing :
When you want some help with digital colouring, don’t hesitate !
It’s with a lot of pleasure that I’ll help you !

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