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Anglais Protect the environment .pdf

Nom original: Anglais - Protect the environment.pdf
Auteur: Lionel

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You have to protect the environment.
Why should I protect the environment?
It is very important for us to protect the environment because if we don’t act, there
will be natural disasters in the future! That’s why, we must do anything.
The environment is in danger, because of, for example global warming is currently
increasing, and so the Arctic ice is melting and raises the sea level and flood cities.

If there are problems today, it is because there is too many cars that polluting. We
can solve this problem for example, with making electric cars and using common
transports. It’s maybe also because there are a lot of nuclear plants, there are lots of
Destroying forests can have serious consequences.

Owing to hunters, today, pandas are menaced. That’s why, pandas are considered
protected animals. There is currently about 1600 pandas alive.
Killing or hunting protected animals like the pandas are seriously punished by law.
The pandas must reproduce for a while before there are a lot of pandas.

Guardian of Nature
Do you know them? This is an association, and they are
the protectors of the environment, and of the nature.
They protect for example, the forest and protected
animals. They predict natural disasters forthcoming.
If you use their products like their cars, you will be
ecologic, because these cars are electric! They also sell
solar panel cheaply, wind turbine, dynamo lamp, etc.
The association was founded by EA Lionel. He is actually
the PDG of Guardian of Nature.

You are not convinced?
If you are not convinced, we will show you a shocking picture of captured pandas.
On this picture, you can
see hunters carrying
many pandas in a boat.
These men are very
ugly, to capture pandas
like this. The hunters
will certainly sell them
in the black market.
This picture shows that
men are sometimes
horrible and stupid.
The life is more
important than money.
Guardian of Nature will
arrest them and they
will be condemned

We reproach the governments because they do nothing. If governments don’t act, a
race of animals will disappear.
Guardian of Nature predicts that there will be a flood in all over the world in 2012
because of global warming, if we continue like this.

Finally, to protect the environment, we should use the car less and use common
transports, avoid building nuclear plants, use renewable energy like the solar energy,
ban the hunting of protected animals by all means, stop polluting the sea, etc…

-It is your role to protect the environment!-

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