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Project management : QCM

organise the project
Why is it necessary to calculate the workloads for each resource ?
To estimate how many resources are needed to carry out each activity within a given time frame
When can a project be termed "organised"?
When all the roles have been allocated
What usually causes overload in a project?
Incompatibility between scheduled tasks and availability of resources
Incompatibility between the different resources allocated to the project
Incorrect estimations
Who allocates resources to a project?
The project owner
What does "embedded organisation" mean?
Contributors are linked to the project manager

Launch the project in the right conditions
When should a project be launched?
When the project sponsor gives the go-head
What is a quality assurance plan?
A description of how the project is to be run
When is the launch review caried out?
Before the project is launched
How can the project plan be implemented properly?
Using techniques that are not specific to the individual project, descibed in contractual documents such as
quality assurance plan
When is the baseline plan finalised?
At the same time the project is launched

close the project
What does post project analysis involve?
Looking at what decisions could or should have been made
Analysing their causes
Looking at instances of variance during the project
Complete the following sentence: A project is said to be "completed" when its final deliverable...
…has been verified as compliant
In a user support system, when should you set up "first level support"?
For all types of project
What is the main purpose of user support?
Solving problems
What happens when a project is only conditionally accepted?
A new acceptance procedure has to be run, but only for the things that are non-compliant

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