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Alberto Giacometti
Alberto Giacometti was born in 10 october 1901 at Borgonovo and dead in 11 january 1966 at
Coire. He was a Swiss sculptor and painter during the 20 siecle.
He is a son of Giovanni Giacometti also painter. His father pushes Alberto to become a painter to.
He painted his first works in Giacometti family house. In school arts he learned cubism in
Montparnasse.He has exposed his first in Salon des Tuileries.He has created flat sculptures. He
approaches the surreal art and exposed with Joan Miroand Jean Arp in Pierre's gallery with which
he pass a contract. He adheres to surrealist group.From 1935 he pursued a quest for the
representation of reality by producing a series of head taking his brother as a model.
In 1946-1947 he asserts a new art style and had his first exhibition after the Second World War in
which the host Pierre Matisse. Giacometti produced some of his most famous sculptures, which
began publishing in bronze including :Quatre femmes sur socle, Quatre figurines sur piédestal, La
Forêt, La Clairière, La Cage, Le Chariot, La Femme qui marche entre deux boîtes qui sont des
maisons. At the end of his life, Giacometti was showered with honors. He won the Carnegie
International in 1961, the grand prize for sculpture from the Venice Biennale in 1962, the
Guggenheim in 1964, and the Grand Prix International Arts awarded by France in 1965. Surgery for
cancer of the stomach in February 1963, Giacometti heals. At that time, he participated actively in
the project of the Foundation Maeght, making gifts for the price of the melting of a large number of
bronze. Alberto Giacometti died at the cantonal hospital in Chur, Switzerland, January 11, 1966. His
body was transferred to Borgonovo, and buried near the grave of his parents. His widow is
dedicated to the defense of his work and created by a Will Alberto and Annette Giacometti
Foundation, state-approved in 2003, is head quartered in Paris. It includes many paintings and
sculptures of the artist, and a center for research and documentation.
Drawings & paintings
his is an important part of the work of the artist. It is known mainly for his portraits, although he
made some landscapes or still lifes in his youth. He also painted abstract paintings in the 1920s and
1930.Ses portraits are made either from models or memory. The number of models is relatively
limited. The best known are his brother Diego and wife Annette. He also used professional models
and some of his friends (including the professor of philosophy from Yanaihara 1955). Giacometti's
portraits are characterized by the absence of scenery, the almost monochrome palette and dark, the
attitude of the model fixed, still face, in contrast to the abundance of alterations in the face, to erase
the initial sketch.

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