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Titre: Microsoft Word - YaleApplication-14Nov.docx.doc
Auteur: Marion Dossner

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Seeking  Applications  for  the  Reaching  Zero  |  Global  Zero  Student  Summit  at  
Yale  University  –  18/19  February  2012
Do  you:  

Currently  study  at  a  university  and  have  an  interest  in  international  affairs  or  social  activism?    
Want  to  become  part  of  an  international  movement  for  the  elimination  of  all  nuclear  
weapons  consisting  of  more  than  300  world  leaders,  civil  society  organizations,  and  student  
activist  groups  around  the  world?    
Want  to  become  a  leading  Global  Zero  student  organizer  at  your  university  and  set  up  a  
student  group?  
Have  a  desire  to  learn  more  about  social  entrepreneurship  and  participate  in  advocacy,  
media,  and  campaigning  workshops  led  by  expert  practitioners  and  get  firsthand  experience  
of  how  the  non-­‐profit  sector  works?  
Like  to  travel  and  want  to  meet  and  exchange  ideas  with  some  of  the  smartest  and  most  
innovative  students  from  universities  around  the  world?  
Want  the  chance  to  meet  world  leaders  in  person  and  have  some  high-­‐level  conversations  
about  how  to  reduce  and  eventually  eliminate  nuclear  weapons?  

…then  apply  for  Reaching  Zero  |  Global  Zero  Student  Summit  at  Yale  University  and  
become  part  of  the  Global  Zero  Student  Network!  
When:  18  –  19  February,  2012  
Where:  Yale  University  in  New  Haven,  Connecticut,  United  States  of  America  
Costs/Expenditures:  Global  Zero  covers  your  travel  costs  and  accommodation.  
Reaching  Zero  |  Global  Zero  Student  Summit  at  Yale:  
Global   Zero   will   bring   together   more   than   100   outstanding   students   from   around   the   world   for   a  
special   Global   Zero   event   at   Yale   University,   February   18-­‐19,   2012.   The   student   conference   will   serve  
as   a   springboard   for   a   new   group   of   Global   Zero   student   organizers   and   will   mark   the   launch   of  
Global  Zero’s  2012  campaign.  Convening  for  two  days,  you  as  a  Global  Zero  student  representative  
will  participate  in  intensive  policy  and  campaign  training  and  strategize  on  building  the  movement.

The   program   will   include   sessions   with   eminent   leaders   and   experts   on   Global   Zero’s   goal   of  
enlisting   heads-­‐of-­‐government   to   hold   a   Nuclear   Weapons   Summit   to   launch   the   first   in   history  
multilateral  nuclear  arms  negotiations;  removal  of  tactical  nuclear  weapons  from  Europe;  nuclear  
weapons  and  the  French,  Russian,  and  United  States  Presidential  elections;  and  online  and  offline  
strategies  to  galvanize  the  campaign.  
About  Global  Zero  and  the  Student  Network:    
Global   Zero   is   the   international   movement   for   the   elimination   of   all   nuclear   weapons.   Launched   in  
December  2008,  Global  Zero  has  grown  to  include  300  political,  military,  business,  and  civic  leaders  
and  more  than  400,000  citizens  worldwide;  developed  a  step-­‐by-­‐step  policy  plan  to  eliminate  nuclear  
weapons   in   the   next   two   decades;   and   built   an   international   student   movement   with   90   campus  
activist  groups  in  countries  as  United  States  of  America,  Germany,  United  Kingdom,  France,  Russia,  
Pakistan,  India,  Turkey  and  Canada.    After  participating  in  Reaching  Zero,  you  will  return  home  and  
remain  in  touch  with  your  fellow  students  to  organize  events  and  promote  Global  Zero  locally  at  your  
university   in   concert   with   the   global   campaign.   To   do   this   you   will   have   support   from   Global   Zero  
staff   around   the   world   and   access   to   a   wide   range   of   Global   Zero   resources.   Furthermore,   you   will  
have  the  opportunity  to  participate  in  other  Global  Zero  Events  to  be  held  in  2012.    
Application  Process/Deadline  for  Students  from  Europe  and  Russia:                                                  
Only   a   small   group   of   applicants   who   have   the   potential   to   be   strategic   movement   organizers   will   be  
Deadline:  Applications  are  to  be  submitted  via  email  before  12th  of  December.  Applicants  needing  a  
visa  to  travel  to  the  United  States  should  submit  their  application  by  5th  of  December.  As  applications  
will  be  considered  on  a  rolling  basis,  we  strongly  recommend  applying  earlier.  
CV/Resume  (1-­‐  2  Pages)  
Letter  of  Interest:  Explain  briefly  why  you  think  the  elimination  of  nuclear  weapons  is  one  of  
the  most  important  issues  of  our  century  and  why  you  would  like  to  join  the  Global  Zero  
movement  (600  words  max.)  
3. Global  Zero  at  your  University:  Explain  briefly  what  kind  of  activities  you  would  like  to  
organize  at  your  university  to  get  people  involved  (600  words  max)    

Please  email  your  complete  application  with  the  subject  “Reaching  Zero”  to  
Note:  If  you  are  studying  outside  Europe/Russia,  please  visit  the  following  web  page  for  application  
and  registration  information:  

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