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Tiny seeds,almostas fine as dust,such as lithops,othersucculentsand some cactican be
difficultto handle.Sometimes,in fact,the foil packetseemsto containnothingexcepta trace
of dust-sizedparticles.
Here'show to make a successof a trickytask.
1. Use a smallpan or pot for sowing,about4 or 5 in (10 or 12 Scm)is adequate.
2. Fillthe pan or pot to overflowingwith the seed compost,thenfirm it firstwith yourfingers,
thenwith a woodenpresser.
3. Poura heapedteaspoonof silversand intothe seed packetand shaketo mix sand and seed.
4. Sow the seed directfrom the packet,tappingit slowlyto releasethe sand-seedmixtureevenly
over the compost.
5. Do not coverthe seedwith compost,simplypressthem intothe surfacewith the wooden
6. Water the compostfrom underneathby standingthe tray or pot in a bowl of tepid water.
bag to keepthe compostmoist
7 Coverwitha pieceof glass clingfilmor sealinsidea polythene
and the atmosphereslightlyhumid.
8. Rememberthat very fine seedshave a lowergerminationratethan normal-sized
and the correcttemperaturefor germinationis very important.

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