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Auteur: Cusumano Timothy

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- A letter to Mari –
I'd like to introduce myself – I’m Timothy Cusumano.
I have just lost one of the most beautiful people on this Earth. My wife
was a beautiful person, she was very helpful, honest, brave, always
listening to others.
My wife made me become a better person, she left part of herself in
me for eternity.
I sincerely hope that her tragic and painful
disappearance was not for nothing.
I would prefer that “Justice” be a lot less liberal when faced with the
refusal to help the community by choosing to escape and abandon
maybe one of your friends, a brother, a sister, a dad, a mom, a child, a husband because you
too may need their help one day.
There’s no justification possible, for a lack of insurance or the deliberate taking of risks under
the influence of alcohol or narcotics at the wheel, by which such an act could eventually kill a
friend, brother, sister, dad, mom, child, husband with no chance of survival.
These wreck-less driver’ tragedies should no longer happen nowadays since they are so
disrespectful to human life, to the victim’s family & close relations. These hit-and-run
accidents should not be considered as simple car accidents, involuntary manslaughter. I can
fully accept the fact that a car accident can happen even if it is a painful experience but I
cannot even begin to imagine a hit-and-run accident where the wreck-less driver runs away
from the scene without even giving the victim a chance of survival.
Certain things must change,
Please Let me offer one last gift to my wife, I promised her snow for Christmas, please make
it snow, not just for her but for all the wreck-less driver “hit-&-run” victims.
Help me launch a change, because one day, you or one of your close relations could be in
the same situation.
On December 23rd 2011, send a letter to the Department of Justice to say NO to
inappropriate punishments for these runaways, because one day a family, a husband, a dad
might have to live the rest of his life without an exceptional being.

SPF Justice, Ministre de la justice
Boulevard de Waterloo, 115, 1000 Brussels,

A simple letter, card, a simple word, could make the difference

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