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Two day excursion Ouarzazate/Zagora

Day 1: After a nice breakfast the departure for Ouarzazate starts via the Tizi-n-Tichka pass where the contrast really is amazing
between the North side (relatively humid) and the South side (rather dry) of the Atlas Mountains. At Ouarzazate we visit the
internationally renowned movie studio (known of Lawrence of Arabia) and visit the Taourirte Kasbah (historical monument).
Lunch in a restaurant in Ouarzazate in the afternoon; depart for Zagora, passing by the Draâ Valley, where nomads will be waiting
with mint tea and a Moroccan Tajine (meal). The night will be spend in a nomad tent that will allow you to enjoy the nightsky in
the desert.
Day 2: Very early in the morning, contemplate a beautiful sunrise while enjoying breakfast. Return to Zagora with the camels and
then to Marrakech via the famous Kasbah of Ait Ben Haddou.


- Per persoon


Quad tour

For the quad tour we pick up you at a desired address in Marrakech so that we leave to Palmeraie (the outside area of Marrakech) to
start off an exiting tour. After a short explanation by the tourguide of the quad, the route and the materials the 50 km long
excursion through the fabulous palmgrove and routes via small Berbervillages, Tensift!
Furthermore there is also a coffee break on the panoramic terrace in kasbah " The Mirrage" with on the menu a traditional tea and

- Per Person halve Day


- Per Person hall Day


Excursion Essaouira

Essaouira is located to 170 km of Marrakech. The ancient Mogador was a fortified Portuguese port. Swept by the winds and waves,
Essaouira is a also a favorite spot for windsurfers. Admire the blue shutters of its houses, its small streets, and enjoy its quietness.
Essaouira is known for its wood handcrafts of a diverse range of accessories. You can taste on port, grilled fish and crustaceans, in
small restaurants in the open skies at sea.
Departure starts 09.00 o’clock in the morning. 2 hours on the road to Essaouira leads us to the middle of the forest of Argan, arriving
at a local traditional extraction business of Argan oil, product which Morocco holds a international monopoly on. This visit gives
you insight in the traditional extraction of Argan oil and the women of the village who process it.
Continuing towards Essaouira where once in a while a pause is scheduled for making photos of the city on a panoramic site on the
whole of the city. At arrival we visit the impressive Portuguese port of Essouira. Afterwards bathing at the beach after a lunch
consisting of fresh grilled fish is also highly recommended. In the evening we return to Marrakech.

- Per persoon


Excursion waterfalls of Ouzoud

Departure takes place at nine o’clock in the morning on the route of Fes. The two hours lasting ride to the area Ouzoud that is 150
km from Marrakech removed. The 100 meters high water falls are especially in spring spectacular, as the water quantity is at it's
highest by the meltingwater from the mountains.
Once we arrive at the water falls one finds several restaurants in this beautiful area. After the breakfast, we resume the excursion to
the bridge of Imi Ifri where you can admire one of the wonders of Moroccan nature.
Return to Marrakech takes place at the end of the day

- Per persoon


Three day excursion Merzouga

Day 1: After a breakfast, the departure for Ouarzazate via the Tizi-n-Tichka pass takes place where the contrast is really amazing
between the north side (relatively humid) and the dry South side of the Atlas Mountains. Lunch at Ouarzazate, and the departure
for the Gorges of Todgha by Kelâa Mgouna, continuing on to the Valley of Roses. Tour the Gorges, followed by dinner and night at
the Gorges Hotel.
Day 2: After breakfast, the trip toMerzouga via Rissani continues on to the Dunes of Merzouga, which have an amazing colour at
sunset. Diner and camping in the desert follows.
Day 3: Depart to Marrakech via Tinghir-Boumalne de Dadès with a planned lunch on the way. The return to Marrakech proceeds in
the afternoon via Ouarzazate, over the Tizi-n-Tichka pass.

- Per persoon


Excursion Ourika Valley

Starting in Marrakech, the personal driver and vehicle will take you through the wonderful sights of the Ourika valley, in the Atlas
mountains. After 38 km there is a stop to visit a traditional Berber house for a cup of tea. Continuing on, further into the Atlas
mountains, we pass through and stop in some typical Berber villages to experience everyday life in this region.
We then continue onto Setti Fatma (1700 meters altitude), a village based in the Atlas mountains that has some beautiful cascades.
You can enjoy good regional dishes in many small restaurants shaded, installed on the edge of the river. After spending some time
relaxing here, we begin our journey back to Marrakech to revisit some of the earlier sights once again.

- Per persoon


Chez Ali

A traditional Arab evening full folklore and entertainment. Music artists, abdomen dancers, horse show and a supper.

- Per persoon


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