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The Idea
Leaving our places with public transports, crossing Europe on the train, to discover the Sarek Range,
200 km inside the Arctic Circle.

The Rail and Ride project : A ski touring expedition.
Lapland, famously known to be the paradise of cross country expeditions, is not so often a destination for skitourers. Our first tour in 2010 showed us the amazing possibilities there are in this region, "lost between Sweden
and Norway".
As we have solid experience of the Nordic environment, this expedition will make us leave the large valleys
where the Kungsleden (King's trail) takes place, letting us to the isolation and technical nature of the Sarek
The Idea is to mix classical ski tours with hiking across Scandinavia. The plan is to set base camps all the way
along our path, and from these, we will go around to the surrounding summits, reachable with great ridges and
faces that only ask to be skied !

The Rail and Ride project : A sustainable transport praise.
As we love distant adventures, our choice is to travel only with sustainable transport. With this goal, we decided
to join the experience of traveling by train to a ski-touring expedition beyond the Arctic circle.