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When ?
As Spring is the best season to ski in Lapland, as the days are longer than winter, and lakes are still frozen
enough to allow us to walk trough fairly long distances, we plan to realize our project from the 23th of March to
the 11th of April.

Our trip lasts less than 3 weeks. Through this project we want to prove the fact that it is possible to find solutions
to travel long distances, and minimizing our impact on the environment, within a month. A trip accessible to
As a consequence of different reports and movies we made from the last two trips, at least 20 people traveled to
Lapland using the train.

Media repercussions
For this adventure, Bruno Peyronnet, professional film maker, is coming with us, who will film the whole trip.
A documentary produced by Helioprod will be made. It will be presented on the channel MontagneTV, and
Helioprod is in contact with other channels.
In parrallel, the movie will be presented on different festivals, linked to sustainable transports or outdoors sports,
or through local associations.