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PRESS RELEASE - December 2011

At the upcoming London International Boat Show, Jeanneau will deliver on every promise, presenting no fewer than five
new models, including three new Sun Odyssey sailboats (509, 44DS and 379) and two new powerboats (NC 9, Merry Fisher
Three new sailboats
The new Sun Odyssey 509, designed by Philippe Briand and appearing for the first time at
the London International Boat Show, is without question the sailboat to see at the show. She
bares a striking resemblance to the two larger sailboats in the Jeanneau Yachts line, the
Jeanneau 53 and 57. Surprisingly spacious for her size, the Sun Odyssey 509 is designed for
comfortable extended cruises, inspired by the success of the Sun Odyssey 409 and 439.
Suggested retail price list Exc. Tax : 227 300 €
A second new model, the Sun Odyssey 379, packs all the features an owner desires into one
sleek hull. Designed by Marc Lombard, she features fluid lines, a well-balanced layout, and
numerous flush deck hatches for a modern silhouette on a high-performance hull (offered in
keel boat, swing keel and twin rudder versions). The Sun Odyssey 379 was named «Boat of
the Year» in two key categories in the US and he is also nominated for the «European Yachts
of the Year 2012».
Suggested retail price list Exc. Tax : 107 600 €
Last but certainly not least, a third new model will be presented at the London show, the
Sun Odyssey 44DS. In the spirit of creating the sailboat of tomorrow, three great designers
collaborated on this project: Franck Darney, Olivier Flahault and Philippe Briand. Featuring
contemporary elegance and high-performance, this sailboat is not to be missed.
Suggested retail price list Exc. Tax : 163 900 €

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03/01/2012 10:51:16

In the powerboat market, the NC concept offers an all-new way to experience the sea.
The addition of the new NC 9 strengthens the line.
An absolute must-see, this new model will be presented for the first time in London. In a more compact model, the NC 9 combines all the strengths that have
made the NC 11 a success: including a contemporary atmosphere and exemplary
modular design concept, giving this line the feeling of “an apartment with terrace
and sea views.” The NC 9 is powered by a Volvo D4 260 engine.
The NC9 is nominated for the «Motor Boat of the Year Awards 2012».
Suggested retail price list Exc. Tax : 119 600€

New Merry Fisher 755
The new Merry Fisher 755 replaces the Merry Fisher 725 (an enormous success
in Europe). To achieve the same level of success, this model features the elegant
design of the new Merry Fisher line, integrating a superior level of interior comfort
(bench seating at the helm and an attractive galley), with a well-balanced distribution of space between the cabin and the cockpit. The configuration of the Merry
Fisher 755 is perfectly adapted to the key market of small coastal cruisers.
Suggested retail price list Exc. Tax : 24 300 € (Without engine)

List of the boats exhibited at the London Boat Show :
Sun Odyssey 33i - 379 - 409- 509- 44DS
Cap Camarat 7.5 DC
Merry Fisher 6 - Marlin 645 - 755

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03/01/2012 10:52:05

A distinctive br and

Henri Jeanneau’s passion and commitment to quality boat building began in 1957.
From the first artisan-crafted runabout to today’s precision-manufactured sail and power boats,
that passion and commitment is now shared by our 2500 employees and our network of over
300 distributors world-wide.
Our customers help drive the innovation and quality that are the hallmarks of Jeanneau.
As experienced sailors, their input enables our design and production teams to quickly
implement new ideas and enhance proven ones. The result, as you’ll see, is a way of creating
boats of extraordinary quality, value and timeless beauty.



The strength of Jeanneau can be seen in the beauty of our
boats. World-renowned designers and architects work with our
in-house teams from the inception of each project and provide their expertise and innovative ideas. The result of this partnership: captivating and inspiring designs that stand the test of

The Jeanneau Formula for success: Combine 50 years of practical boat building savoir-faire with the latest construction technologies. Invest in and continuously improve technologically
advanced factories with ergonomic production lines, computerized processes and efficient logistic supply chains. Translate the
efficencies into lower costs and higher quality for the customer.


Research &

Superior composite

A specialized Research & Design
facility at Jeanneau houses 130
engineering specialists. This facility is unique in the boat-building
sector, providing R&D resources
usually available only to large aeronautical and automobile companies.

20 years ago Jeanneau developed
a closed moulding process called
Prisma Process. This technological
edge yields a higher-quality part
with a lower weight, but also reduces airborne VOCs by 90% as
compared with traditional GRP
moulding, thus making it a much
greener way to produce boats.

The Technology of Beauty

A Jeanneau must be responsive,
agile and fast. Performance encompasses not only speed but
power, smooth passage through
heavy seas, confidence and
control. Every experience onboard a Jeanneau is enhanced
by our well-balanced sail plans,
modern hulls, high-end sails and
quality deck hardware.

The Engineering of Beauty


A passion for wood

Each new Jeanneau is comprehensively designed via the powerful CATIA® design software. CATIA® allows Jeanneau to design a
better boat with more attention
to detail in a shorter timeframe.

Rich interior woodworking has
always been a signature of Jeanneau quality. Using fine quality
hardwoods and marine composites, computerized varnishing
machines and CNC routers pro-

vide precision parts finished to
industrial tolerances. These are
then individually assembled with
the experienced eye and hand of
the craftsman.

Economies of Scale
No other builder enjoys the
economies of scale available to
Jeanneau. As an integral part of
the world’s largest sailboat building group, Jeanneau benefits by
having access and influence with
top-shelf suppliers. This allows us
the highest quality materials and
components, sourced from the
leading suppliers, at appreciable
savings to our customers.


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