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A Game of Heroic Adventure for 1 to 5 Players

Doom’s Day!
The village of Last Refuge sits precariously at the edge of Mournwater
Swamp—the final haven before the heroes traverse the swamp and face
Doom. However, all is not as it seems, for the swamp’s decay has
reached into the heart of the village and corrupted the villagers.
Foul changelings lead the unwary astray, and destruction lurks in
the fetid darkness.
Should the heroes survive the perils of the village
and swamp, a greater danger awaits: within a
ruined temple deep inside the swamp, the heroes will
face Doom itself in a desperate attempt to banish it from
the World. Should they fail, the entire world shall meet
its final fate...
Will you succeed?

31 Randomizers

•  7 Hero
•  13 Village
•  8 Monster  
(1 of each, plus 1 Dungeon
•  3 Dungeon Feature  
(Gem Treasure, Guardian,

84 Hero Cards
(each has six level 1, four level 2,
and two level 3)

•  Bluefire
•  Canon
•  Dark
•  Highland
•  Isri
•  Jondul
•  Nyth

•  Village Thief  
(five level 1 Cutpurse,
three level 2 Robber)
•  War Hero

6 Treasure Cards
•  Sorcerer’s Emerald (2)
•  Sorcerer’s Ruby (2)
•  Sorcerer’s Sapphire (2)

70 Monsters

104 Village Cards

(10 per set, cards as noted)

(8 each, except as noted)

Abyssal • Darkspawn
•  Dreamtwister (2)
•  Pit Fiend (1)
•  Thrall (3)
•  Whisperer (4)
Basilisk • Animal
•  Dracolisk (2)
•  Golden Basilisk (2)
•  Rust Basilisk (2)
•  Scourge Basilisk (2)
•  Stonegaze Basilisk (2)

•  Bag of Holding
•  Belzur’s Blessing
•  Chalice Mace
•  Dredging Net
•  Grognard
•  Jondul Bow
•  Magma Hammer
•  Ritual of Cleansing
•  Short Spear
•  Soulfire
•  Swamp Provisions

Doppelganger • Humanoid
•  False Barkeep (1)
•  False Blacksmith (1)
•  False Chaplain (1)
•  False Fortune Teller (1)
•  False Grognard (1)
•  False Guide (1)
•  False Scout (1)
•  False Sergeant (1)
•  False Tax Collector (1)
•  False Trainer (1)
•  The Old One (1)
•  Rootbinder (2)

•  Snag Hag (2)
•  Swamp Willow (3)
•  Tree Herder (2)
Lizardfolk • Humanoid
•  Acid Spitter (2)
•  Fell Warrior (2)
•  Lumbering Trog (3)
•  Murk Shaman (1)
•  Skinling (2)
Spider • Animal
•  Dread (2)
•  Firefang (3)
•  Green Spinner (2)
•  Spider Queen (1)
•  Widowmaker (2)
Undead • Spectral
•  Cruel Apparition (3)
•  Devourer (2)
•  Souleater (1)
•  Wight (2)
•  Will-o’-the-Wisp (2)

3 Guardians
•  Heart of Doom
•  The Last Doomknight

•  Mournwater Witch

3 Settings
•  Last Refuge
•  Mournwater Swamp
•  Rite of Banishing

1 Thunderstone
•  Stone of Fate

29 Card Dividers
(28 for this set, plus Harruli
from Doomgate Legion)

New Rules
The Dryad monster group
adds an additional Monster
rank at the back of the Hall
when a dryad enters the Hall.
Thus you will have 4 ranks of
monsters, or even 5 or 6. Each
rank beyond Rank 3 has one
additional Light Penalty; i.e.,
the light penalty is equal to
the card’s rank.
If there are
dryads in the
Hall at the
start of the
game, add
ranks to the
Hall per

the dryad’s text.
When a dryad leaves the
Hall, move the Monsters
forward as usual, but to
not refill the empty rank;
collapse the Hall down one
rank instead.
Heart of Doom
Doom is an entity so
that mere mortals cannot
hope to destroy it. Instead,
the best that can be hoped
for is banishment, casting
it out of the world never
to return. When the Rite
of Banishment setting is
selected, shuffle up to seven

different Thunderstones
into the Dungeon Deck with
the Monsters and Dungeon
Features. Place the Heart of
Doom at the very bottom of
the deck.

game does not end. If
two Thunderstones are
adjacent to each other
in the hall, only one
of them is claimed by
defeating the monster in
front of the first stone. If a
Thunderstone breaches,
place it at the bottom
of the deck.

The game does not
end until the Heart
of Doom is defeated
or reaches Rank 1. I f
the Heart of Doom is
but not defeated,
If a monster in front of a
Thunderstone is defeated, the attacking player loses
then the player that defeated the game.
that Monster claims it, but the

Card Glossary
Darkspawn – These creatures replace the normal
light penalties with the penalties listed in their text.
Ritual of Cleansing – If there are fewer than five
cards in the deck, shuffle the discarded cards. If
there are still fewer than five, reveal all of
the cards remaining.
Sorcerer’s Emerald – You may level up a Militia to a level 1 Hero
in this manner.
Village Cutpurse – Yes, this is a village card. Build the village stack with
the level 1 cards on top and the level 2 on the bottom. You
can only buy off the top, but you can also level
these cards up just like heroes.

Design: Mike Elliott
Development: Brent Keith
Additional Development: Mark Wootton
Cover Art: Jason Engle
Graphics: Jason Engle, Brent Keith, and Hal Mangold
Rules and Editing: Edward Bolme and Ryan Metzler
Playtesting: Jon Angus, Rick Atilano, Joe Babbitt, George Bell,

Anna Bort, Paul Bort, Tim Callahan, Wade Campbell, Glenn
Cannon, William Collie, Oscar Del Rio, Alfred Diaz, Shelly
DiGiacinto, Todd DiGiacinto, Dusty Eves, Craig Hallstrom,
Tyke Harler, Chris Harshman, Rob Herman, Vince Herman,
John Hernandez, Mark Hill, Zsolt Kohári, Steve Kozlowski,
Matt Langley, Jeremy Larner, Kristen Levins, Robin Levins, Ke
Loudon, Priscilla Loudon, Mark Lowe, Aaron Michelson, Keith
Miller, Tammie Miller, Justin Mitchel, Sam Mitchell, Andy
Mure, Erik Noble, Sean Orms, Andy Pelton, Remo Pendowski,
Matt Pritchard, Angela Reese, Ivan Schoomer, David Smith,
Sean Stewart, Andee Timken, Owen Todd, Antyn Vejil, Chris
Wilson, Mark Wootton

© 2011 Alderac Entertainment Group.
Thunderstone, Heart of Doom and Alderac
Entertainment Group and all related marks
are ™ and © Alderac Entertainment Group,
Inc. All rights reserved.

Production: David Lepore and Brent Keith
A special thank you to Anton Zemskov for allowing
the use of his artwork for The Old One

“Tell us how you came to Tala.”
“I’ve already told you several times, and—”
“Tell us again. We need to understand.”
“Very well...” The warrior exhaled heavily. He
stood up and paced as he forced himself to relive
the memories.
“We had gathered, all of us, to prepare for the
Rite of Banishing. We only had seven of the
Thunderstones, but according to the lore that
had been translated from the ancient texts, we
believed that beginning the first stage of the rite
would help us find the eighth and final stone.
We’d been searching so long...
“The ritual began, layers upon layers of
intricate magic building through the stages
of transcendence, one by one. Everything was
progressing as we expected. Excitement was high.
I remember feeling my fingers tremble on the hilt
of my sword as I watched the mages working.
“Then, just as the seventh stage of the rite began,
Doom came upon us. I don’t even know how it
found us, how it got there. Imagine opening a
cupboard and finding a full-grown dragon in its

cave instead of your dishes... that’s sort of what
it was like. It was... huge, terrible, unstoppable.
Clouds and lightning roiled around it, and a fell
light cast everyone’s skin in the blue hue of death.
“I drew my sword and charged. Alongside ran
many reliable veterans of the past few years. My
friends. My brothers. I—I remember this cold,
sticky rain spattering me as I got close, and then
I struck it with my sword.” The scarred warrior
laughed humorlessly. “I did nothing. My sword
rang, my bones shook from the impact, and when
I fell back, I saw the barest scratch on the thing’s
skin, if skin it was.
Then it reached down. Its claws were as tall as
four, five men. They tore furrows in the ground
without effort, and any one of us that was in
the way was torn or crushed. I—“ The warrior
mastered his emotions with effort, took a swallow
of the water offered him, and continued, his voice
“Well. I remember one of the senior wizards
yelling at me, yelling right in my ear so I could
hear over the screams and the wind and the
thundering noise of the thing. ‘Stall it,’ he said.

‘Buy us time!’
“ ‘We can’t hurt it!’ I yelled back. ‘We’ll all be killed!’
“At that, he nodded once, but the look in his eyes made
me obey. I led what was left of us, and we circled and
kept its attention on killing us, rather than on the
wizards. There’s a hundred or more corpses out there
somewhere to testify how well we did our job. But we
were fighting a losing battle. Doom was there to cleanse
the world of all things, and we had only seven of the
“And then, of a sudden, I saw seven bolts of lightning
jump from the ritual’s shrine to Doom. As they hit, the
mammoth creature—if a creature it ever was—froze in
place. That’s when I realized that Doom itself was the
eighth Thunderstone.
“I looked to the wounded as best I could, then I
staggered back to the shrine to watch. What else could
I do? The rite was taxing, many fell simply completing
it. As the rite finished we noticed strange visions, as
of other worlds laid atop our own. Snowy mountains,
harsh deserts, strange cities… they rippled like water
and disappeared, only to have other visions take their
place. When the rite was finishing, I heard a deafening
roar as of a thousand huge battle horns… and the next
thing I was aware of, I was lying in soft green grass.

“I thought I had reached the fields of my final rest, until
I saw small shard of a Thunderstone lying near me. I
pulled myself up, and saw this village in the distance.
And that’s all I can say.”
The elder elven druid stood, “What you say follows the
story that was told to my cousin.”
“He cares for a small town across the bay.” He stroked
the feathers of a large hawk. “According to his familiar,
it seems you are not the only one to come to our people
in this strange way. It seems some of your former
companions have arrived here as well, some may have
been sent to other realms. We believe your arrival is an
answer to the rising threat of the Dark Fire from the
The warrior sat down. “What are you talking about?”
“Those who could stand against a world-destroying evil
are those we now need, and here you are. You and your
compatriots seem to understand this evil. Perhaps your
souls are even tied to it, as the hawk is tied to the sky.
Your leadership and expertise will not go unrewarded.
And we have many brave souls here for you to lead.”

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