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Corrigé de l’épreuve d’anglais LV1 Séries S et ES juin 2010

1) The main character is Amit.
2) He was born in the United States of America, l. 22-23 “people always assumed that he’d
been born in that country and not in Massachusetts.”
3) a) Langford is the high school in which Amit will study.
b) Winchester is the city where he lived with his parents.
c) Calcutta is the city where Amit’s relatives live in India, and where Amit’s parents
had lived before moving to Dehli.
d) Delhi is the city in which his parents had moved to when they had left Winchester.
e) Massachusetts is the State where Amit was born and brought up.
4) We learn that his parents are of Indian origin, his father is an ophthalmologist. His parents
are well-off people, since they have a flat with many domestics.
5) Because of his job as an ophthalmologist, Amit’s father was invited throughout the world
so as to teach in hospitals. That caused the family to move a lot and settle in various
places in the whole world.
6) Firstly, he was the only student of Indian origins: l. 22 : “Amit was the only Indian
student”, and that was apparently the first time it happened to him. Moreover, he had
arrived there for the fourth year, and his classmates already knew one another, so it was
not easy for Amit to become integrated: l.25- 26 “by that time, friendships (…) in place.
Amit also had to go to church on week ends: l l.28-29: “attend chapel on Sundays.”. In
addition, even though he was a brilliant student before, he had to work very hard to have
good results in Langford: l.27: “he’d had to work doggedly to maintain his grades”.
Lastly, Amit realised that his classmates were far richer than him and his family: l.29 : “
his parents’ wealth was laughable compared to the majority of Langford boys.
7) This sentence shows that, despite the difficulties Amit had to face and the fact that he
missed his family very much, as far as his integration is concerned, he tried to do his best
to adapt to his new life in Langford.
8) His parents had chosen Amit to study in Langford because it is a good school, with very
good results. Indeed, Amit’s father tells him about the number of student from Langford
who go to the most famous American Universities. Moreover, even if his parents were
moving to Dehli, they don’t want their son to study in India, and want him to attend a
good school.

9) Amit is angry at his parents who sent him to study far away from them. Moreover, he has
to make many efforts to get used to his new way of life, and he reproaches them the
decision they made to leave him, to some extent we can say that he may feel abandoned.
10) Traduction l.10-14 :
A Noël et à chaque fin d’année scolaire, Amit faisait le voyage de Langford à Dehli pour être
avec ses parents, où il séjournait dans une pièce vide qu’ils gardaient pour lui dans leur
appartement plein de domestiques à Chittaranjan Park. Il n’appréciait jamais ses séjours à
Dehli, avec son Bengali hésitant qui ne lui servait à rien dans cette ville. Calcutta, où il avait
l’habitude d’aller et où toute sa famille vivait, lui manquait d’autant plus.

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