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Earthworks: 91m
m across with
h bank 1.8m high & ditchh 2.1m deep
Heel stone weighs ~35 tonnees and neede
ed ~250menn to transporrt it
ne circle ~32m in diameteer consistingg of 60 stonees (30 uprights & 30 horizzontal) - Postt and lintel system
Size of stones:

h x 2.1m wid
de x 1m thickk
Uprightss – 4.9m high
Lintels – 3m long x 1m
1 wide x 0.8
8m thick

Upriights taper to
owards the top
Metthod of joinin
ng uprights to
t lintels:

Trilitthons: 5 in all
Averrage size:

h x 2.3m wid
de x 1.2m thi ck
Uprightss – 8.5m high
Lintels – 4.5m long x 1.2m wide x 1.2m thickk

Heaviest stone w
weighs ~50 tonnes needing ~1500 abble-bodied men
m to manip
ne circle, insiide circle 5 trrilithons in fo
orm of horseeshoe
Raising the stonees
Upriights: First a hole was du
ug to receive the stone annd then a ramp was builtt up to the hhole. The ston
ne was then
ed up the ramp until its foot
was dire
ectly over th e hole. A sto
one counterw
weight was thhen slid alon
ng the stone until
it be
egan to tilt an
nd slip gently into the ve
ertical positioon.
els: There arre two theoriies:
1. A ramp w
was used to pull the linte
els into posittion
2. A timber "crib" or sccaffolding wa
as used. The lintel was laid next to the uprights a nd raised ste
ep by step with
At each step, timbers were propped uunder the sto
one. This con
ntinued unti l the lintel was
w level with
h the
levers. A
top of th
he uprights. Then
it was slid
s side-wayys until the two mortice holes cut intto the soffit engaged
the projecting tenon
ns on the top
p of the uprigghts.

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