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Second international meeting of hunting in pack
with Dogo Argentino
May 22/23/24th 2012 in the South-east of France.
In connection with the World Dogo show
19 and May 20, 2012 in Salzburg, Austria..
Event organized by the AMDA and association Cultura Doguera,
in collaboration with the CDA.

With the presence of the judges of work Hector Raul Stinco y Horacio Rivero, and experts
Zlatan Rangelov and Mattia Nardini. Honorary president of the event Horacio Rivero.
Inscription de la meute:
Pack from 5 to 8 Dogos (Accepted only pure Dogo Argentino in possession of one pédigree FCI), included
the possibility of taking a wild boar, some is the weight of this one.
300 Euros
Validation of the hunting permit (Obligatory the presence of a driver provides of the hunting permit in each
18 Euros
stamp hunt
35 Euros
Validation 3 days + federal Stamp 3 days
41 Euros
TOTAL Validation
94 Euros
Assignment of a driver which has the hunting permit validated:
(If none the owners of the pack is in possession of a hunting permit)
meal of ending - 24/05/2012
To lunch: on the spot possibility of sandwiches, drinks etc.

80 Euros
______ X 20 Euros

__________ Euros

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name of the pack: __________________________
Informations about the dogs of the pack:
1. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
2. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
3. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
4. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
5. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
6. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
7. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________
8. Name: ________________________________ Born: _______________ LO.: _______________
Owner:__________________________________Microship: _________________________

Data of the person in charge of the pack:
Name: _______________________
First name: ___________________
Postal code: __________________
City: ________________________
Country: _____________________
Tel.: ________________________

Caution!! places limited to 15 packs maximum!!
Inscription filled and rules signed to turn over by e-mail to:

Any inscription which will not be paid before the event will not be registred!

Rules of the day of hunting:
- All the dogs will have to subject themselves to veterinary control and to be in possession of the up to date
legal documents, notebook of up to date vaccination, as well as the vaccine of the rage and the European
passport for the dogs coming from abroad.
- All the packs will have to be present on May 22th, 2012 at 8:00 of the morning in order to pass to veterinary
- The order and the hour of passage will be drawn with the fate the morning from the first day of hunting.
- Hunting will proceed in an enclosure of hunting (within the meaning of the article L. 424-3 of the code of the
environment) of 80 hectares, with a sufficient wild boar population to allow an act of hunting.
- Each pack will have 2 hours to carry out research as well as the action of hunting.
- At the time of the passage of a pack, the following pack will have to be held lends, the dogs already equipped,
the other packs will have to be held locked up.
- Only the driver of the pack in possession of the hunting permit validated will be authorized to carry a weapon
and to kill or serve wild boar when necessary.
- When a Wild boar is catched the action of hunting finishes, some is remaining time with the pack.
- All the participants are committed respecting the ethics of hunting as well as the respect of the wild boar. In
the event of failure with this clause the pack will be excluded immediately.
Signature of the person in charge of the pack:

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