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French, woman, 26 years old
Parkstrasse 45, 40477 Düsseldorf / Germany
Phone : +336 86 43 27 36
Email :

2009-2012 trivago GmbH (Düsseldorf, Germany)
Director of communication, trivago France – the world n°1 hotel search
Press and Public Relations / Social Media Management
Results : from scratch, creation of strong business relationships with the main media (e.g.
Le Monde, Metro, Ouest France, Glamour, TF1, France Info, BFM) and the main news
agencies (e.g. AFP) to set trivago’s economic and travel trends data as trustful and relevant
2009 (6 months fulltime internship) BNP Paribas (Paris, France)
Journalist, – main French new technologies news website
Daily selection and analysis of IT news and research papers, interviews of international
specialists and redaction of 3 articles per day
Examples : /
2008 (7 months fulltime internship) Publicis Consultants Verbe (Paris, France)
Creative Writer – editorial agency
Involved into projects for clients and for invitations to tender, from the initial brainstorming
until the final presentation and the project leading for the final achievement
Examples : Corporate book for Essilor, print advertisement for Axa and Nestlé, newsletter for
GDF Suez, BNP Paribas, billboards for Galeries Lafayette, Geodis, magazines for Canal +,
Fnac, Thiriet, Unitaid, Alliance Healthcare, Paris Regions
2008 (4 months fulltime internship) TBWA\Textuel\La Mine (Paris, France)
Creative Writer – editorial agency
Involved into projects for non-profit organizations
Examples : Annual report for Mc Donald’s foundation, content for the websites Msn
solidarity, RATP, SNCF, Apec, Lyonnaise des Eaux

 C.V. : Marie Laforge

French mother tongue / German fluent, work situation / English fluent, work situation

2008-2009 Master 2 / Digital & Web edition- creation
University of Paris 8 Honours Degree
Final project: e-commerce website focused on young fashion creators
University article about the economy of attention quoted on the website of Ogilvy Paris
2006-2008 Master 1 / 360° Communication
Iscom Paris, Institute of communication and advertisement
Final thesis: From print to web, mutations in the communication of the local authorities
Final oral examination: the web ergonomics
2002-2006 Master 1 / Information and Communication
University of Paris 8 / Humboldt University Berlin
Final thesis: City, department, region, which power for which culture?
2002 European A-levels / German

Diploma for youth leaders and workers
Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustration, In Design), Pack Office

Abilities to organize, analyze, synthesize, argue, and be creative

Sport : rugby (womens team, Düsseldorf), roller derby, skateboard, snowboard
Live music : organization, Punk, Garage, Hardcore, ska, soul, reggae, dancehall
Travel : city breaks in cities with a historical and cultural background
Learn : new technologies, sciences, web, social media, design, philosophy, comics, italian paintings,
fanzines, diy, classical literature, marketing, B serie movies, classical movies gangster movies, black
and white photography, street art

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