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Governor André GBADOE

Year 2011-2012 – District 403 A2 – March 2012

YEAR 2011 - 2012

in various votes in Congress District in
May next.
That shows you the importance of
the precious days until this fateful day.
Everyone must be aware and take action in
a last ditch effort tofinalize the files still in
progress. Presidents
of the Regions should take
stock of achievements undertheir action
plans and accelerate the files that have
not yet succeeded.
The Presidents of areas must remain alert
and get clubs to regularize their financial
positions vis-à-vis the District and
headquarters, but also to produce the
documents required monthlyand
especially to validate the work performed.

March as we have just
started is very important for
all Lions in our District.
This is the end of this month that the
performance of clubs will bemeasured
for this mandate.
On the same date, the performance
of official you are, will also be
measured as part of your various action
plans and rewards"Believer" issued.

The Committee Presidents must take
stock of their missions andsee what can be
done to improve their performance. We
still have just three weeks to respond. Of
course the mandate continues until the end
of June 2012, but other challenges lie
ahead for the last quarter, the challenge of
transition and successful completion of the
We'll talk when the time comes.
Good luck to all
Committed to Serve all with generosity,

Finally on the same date, Headquarters will
prepare a list of clubs,in "Good
Standing" (to date with their
contributions) will be allowed to take part

Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
Email : andre_gbadoe@district403a2.org

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE

those of our children and say: "You do not
need all these billions to live! ". We need to
eat, to heal us, clothe us, educate us, a roof
over your head and finally be able to think,
reflect and improve us during our training
time, our professional time and the rest of our

André Ekoue GBADOE

Photos of the
visit of the Liberian clubs 18 to 19
January 2012

Louis Albert DE NEEF
Email : lionstrelitzia@yahoo.fr

Some of our friends are gone,
they have taken their reverence and we will
never forget them .... . But what about
our minds, our souls, our
energies once our breath of life lost? None of
us can claim thesaying is true, is
not Orpheus wants. Some point to the moment
of a Supreme Initiation but it is a moment that
belongs only to those
parties, if our absent loved ones. The
emotion was devastating, the feeling of
injustice and insisting unfinished, but we are
all believers and we should find ways to
ease our pain even if it is particularly difficult
to have a reason. So let us
bow respectfully and say their
lions Farewell dear friends! I want to
talk ... our currency, that of television and
radio. Listen, everything starts to
spin, everything is a disaster, there are no
prospects. I do not think so because our socalled underdeveloped countries could give
lessons in courage and inventiveness to such
suffering and so much anxiety for the future.
The wretched of the earth have become those
who see the world and life, our lives and

-2Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
Email : andre_gbadoe@district403a2.org

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE

Past PZ 152

Lions Oumar KONIPO

Past PZ 152
Lions of the world 2008 – 2009
Dear Friend, can you introduce yourself to
our dear readers, you are what Lions
I am the Lion's Club Oumar Konipo Bamako
Sokala Dean, inducted in 1999, Godson Lion
Lassana Sissoko, PR 12 - District 403 a1. I
held all positions of my club, including the
President 2005-2006. I then attended the
Governor's Office as Adediran PZ 152, 20072008, before I was in the office of Governor
Seydou Diakite, 2009-2010 as Vice President
of the Commission Promoting Community

-3Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
Email : andre_gbadoe@district403a2.org

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE
Values, Artistic and Cultural . I was elected
Lion of the Year Zone 152 for 2008-2009.
I know you are very active in your area, can
you tell me what motivates you so much?
You know, dear friend Bebert, I served as the
Chairman of the Works of my club for 3
consecutive years from 2002 to 2005, which
allowed me to rub / share with the people who
need our help. See what we could accomplish
and how wonderful it allowed to bring more to
the everyday life of poor people who really
appreciate it - that's what motivates me my
dear friend!
Leo does not have an opinion on your
person, a lion heart to their side, which form
a lion and a lion on which they can
rely. What do you think?
Given the hostile environment in which youth
develop now and all the challenges they will
face as a result - which could humanly resist
the idea of being at their side to guide them,
help them? Let me tell you an anecdote: when
I finished my engineering studies in June 1977,
I went quietly to spend my holidays in my
home town of Mopti in central Mali, without
worrying about the employment issue in the
time. Indeed, already in October, I was
summoned to the radio as all my classmates to
come and fulfill the formalities for accession to
the public. I stayed in Mopti for more than
three weeks before responding to news radio
broadcast. As soon as I arrived in Bamako, I
was built and assigned to my new service in
less than fifteen days. Now see how the youth
is distraught both at school after completing
their studies. We need our LEO rely on us and
we have a duty to assist.
How do you live in Mali splitting the district
into two districts 403 A?
Splitting the District into two Districts 403A the 403 a1 and 403a2 was hosted in Mali as a
challenge we are facing all of us to ensure that
Africa can actually be a full-Location. And
naturally, we are all fully engaged to make this

a reality. The split will not doubt to have a
more efficient administrative management, but
also compel the two Districts to redouble
efforts to strengthen the staff and put them at a
level allowing a Quality Service. The split is
not considered a barrier to friendship and also
the service that we must continue at the highest
level. That said, it is also true that the Lions of
Mali still have in mind the intense moments
spent together during our major events in the
District 403A.
What is the currency of the Governor
Alioune KHATTAR? What does it inspire
"Let us renew our commitment to Lions fan
the flame of Friendship and Service" is the
motto of the Governor Alioune Khattar. There
is no need to dwell at length on this motto my
dear Bebert because it brings us straight to the
day when, during our inauguration, we were
sworn freely and solemnly, to embrace the
ideals of our Association. After the course we
had, it is quite correct to point halfway up our
armed forces and to further strengthen our
friendship and to better serve.
Youth is at the heart of all programs of
Governors. What is the mindset of the youth
of your region? What does it do for her?
I understand your body to speak of youth as we
all know that it is the leaders of tomorrow. So
it is no accident that youth is an important part
of the program of Governors. Sometimes I said
it was important to be with, to guide, "coach"
our LEO, young people generally. I also said
that the young are helpless, they sound in a
difficult environment. The challenges are much
greater. But what is missing most these days,
what are the values that were a reality before:
solidarity, cooperation, sharing. We have a
duty to involve ourselves more and better
enable them to better combat the difficulties
they face, we must teach them by example,
good behavior in society, moral integrity, good

-4Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
Email : andre_gbadoe@district403a2.org

The Monthly Bulletin of Public Relations of The Gouvernor André GBADOE
Have you an important topic that you wish
to address?

- Multiple District 403 Convention in
Lome, TOGO from 3rd to 5th May 2012

Let me address the question of jurisdiction
within our association. I think, and you will
certainly agree with me that in choosing our
leaders, it is absolutely important to hand
before all the criteria of competence. A
competent leader is respected by his peers, he
has a vision, he makes great things, it promotes
excellence. I also think it is as well that our
Association is perceived, then do it remains a
reality. I can not resist the idea to quote the
Past District Governor John Adediran whose
motto was: "The Passion of Sharing and
Service Excellence"

International Convention in Pusan,
Korea 27 to 30 June 2012:

What is your profession of faith as
lions? What would you like people to
remember for the activities of Lions Club in
your region?
I want our friends to know that there is nothing
inevitable - it is work that pays. We must unite
our strength to overcome the challenges we
face: the challenges of workforce quality, the
financing of our works, the effective
implementation of our projects. Let's be more
creative and we can accomplish great
things. Mutual Lions is a great thing we must
not deny ourselves, but rely primarily on our
own strength. There are resources in our
region, we must know how to mobilize and
also, as good managers, use them wisely.

For plan your trips and you better organize

- 3rd Cabinet Meeting Governor André
GBADOE in Lome, TOGO , 1st May
- 3rd Meeting of the Board of
governors in Lomé (TOGO) 2nd May
-5Seat of District 403 A2 - 112 Street District Octaviano Nyekonakpoe BP 8857
Lomé - TOGO Republic of Tel: 228 22210767 Email:
Email : andre_gbadoe@district403a2.org

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