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Introduction – Page 3-4
Datacrons: Starting Planets
Hutta - Page 5-6
Korriban – Page 7-8

Datacrons: Capital Planet
Dromund Kaas – Page 9-11

Datacrons: Requiring a ship
Balmorra – Page 12-14
Nar Shaddaa – 15-17
Tatooine – Page 18-20
Alderaan – Page 21-23
Taris – Page 24-26
Quesh – Page 27-28
Hoth – Page 29-31
Belsavis – Page 32-34
Voss – Page 35-37
Corellia – Page 38-41
Ilum – Page 42-44

Bonus Datacron: All Stats +10
Imperial Fleet – 45-49

Datacrons are small cube like items hidden in very
unusual and sometimes hard to reach places
throughout the planets in Star Wars: The Old
Each time you interact with a datacron you will
earn a new codex entry that gives you a piece of
the Galactic History, as well as earning a
permanent stat buff to your character.
Additionally, certain datacrons will give you a
coloured Matrix Shard that you can use to build a
Matrix Cube which can be equipped in one of your
three relic slots.
Different types of datacrons:
 Green: +Endurance (secondary stat for all
 Orange: +Cunning (Smuggler / Imperial Agent
primary stat)
 Purple: +Willpower (Jedi Consular / Sith
Inquisitor primary stat)
 Red: +Strength (Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior
primary stat)


 White: +Aim (Trooper / Bounty Hunter primary
 Yellow: +Presence (secondary stat for all
characters – increases healing/damage/health
of your companions)
 Shard Datacrons: gives you a Matrix Shard
instead of a stat buff. Matrix Shards can be
used to create relic slot items. There are four
different colours of shard Datacrons: Blue,
Green, Red, and Yellow.
You will be able to see datacrons from quite a
distance as they emit a large glow and shoot a
beam of light into the sky.
In addition, if you are very close to a datacron you
will also be able to hear the sound from them.
For the Empire there are currently 67 datacrons
to be found and updated in your Codex. There is
also a secret datacron which we can call number
68 but it does not count towards your Codex.

Made by


Aim +2
Coordinates: X: -96, Y: 861
Additional information:
The datacron is located up on a small hill that
you can climb a pipe up to get to it that is leaned
onto the hill. The datacron is a bit hidden under
some tree branches, but it is down to the right
after having climbed the pipe and made your way up.
Blue Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -22, Y: 319
Additional information:
This is the hardest datacron to on Hutta. It is
located within an elite mob (non-instanced) heroic
area called “Sewer Maintenance Tunnels”. The
entrance to this area is at X: -15, Y: 226.
After you go through several groups of enemies
you have to find a level 8 boss – a robot called
B3-4T Disposal Droid. Behind him is where the
datacron is.


Presence +2
Coordinates: X: 497, Y: -13
Additional information:
The Datacron is located on an island in the very
North East corner of the map.
To get to the island you have to go across a pipe
that starts at x: 497, Y: -13. Be careful at the L
junction on the pipeline, you might miss and fall
into the water and have to start over.


Willpower +2
Coordinates: X: 530, Y: -163
Additional information:
You can see this datacron glowing almost
instantly when you leave the taxi station, the first
time you go to Lower Wilds.
Endurance +2
Coordinates: X: 158, Y: 81
Additional information:
The datacron is next to the shuttle that will take
you off the starting planet.


Red Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -54, Y: 378
Additional information:
This datacron is in the open area right before you
go into the tombs where the Heroic quests are.


Dromund Kaas
Strength +2
Coordinates: X: 855, Y: 643
Additional information:
This datacron is located in a hangar, the southern
end of Dromund Kaas spaceport. Take the lift to
‘Docking Bay D-61’ and from there you have to go
up a ramp to the walkway above and look for steel
bars along the wall that you can jump on, which
will lead you to the datacron.
Presence +2
Coordinates: X: 581, Y: 798
Additional information:
The moment you exit Dromund Kass spaceport you
will be able to go up a path to the left. Look for
pink glowing ‘mushrooms’ and you’ll find an
entrance/path between the rocks.
This path takes you up a hill, which leads to the
datacron. There is a Gundark Lifetaker boss
guarding the datacron, which most players seem to
have no problems with when using their companion.


Cunning +2
Coordinates: X: -1222, Y: 214
Additional information:
This datacron is located in the ‘Dark Temple
Approach’ – the heroic 4 quest area. To get to it
you will need to go around the mountain and climb
on top of it, then jump down over a few rocks to
get to it.

Yellow Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -193, Y: 1663
Additional information:
This one is not hard to get to, but you have to get
past a few elites.


Endurance +2
Coordinates: X: -790, Y: 1449
Additional information:
This one is not hard to get to, but you have to get
past a few elites.


Willpower +2
Coordinates: X: 194, Y: -339
Additional information:
You need to buy a ‘Lost Code Cylinder’ that costs
5,000 credits to open the chest that has a
datacron inside. The vendor is located at X: 672,
Y: 38.
Cunning +2
Coordinates: X: 1849, Y: 109
Additional information:
You have to go through the Balmorran Arms
Factory to get to this datacron. It is located in
the north part of the Sundari flatlands which are
all the way east on the Balmorra map.


Aim +2
Coordinates: X: -1017, Y: 1514
Additional information:
Head to the Okara Droid Factory and find the lift
that takes you to the ‘assembly line’. Once there,
you will find an entrance below one of the
production lines. Follow the line and it will take
you to the datacron.
Strength +2
Coordinates: 720, 2034
Additional information:
There is almost a hidden path that leads to this


Green Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -505, Y: 79
Additional information:
This datacron requires two players to get to, as
you need to click 2 panels at the same time.
It is inside the Neebray Warehouse X: -472, Y:
Head to the elevator and go to level 2. You will
find that the datacron is protected by a force
field. To remove the force field you will have to
click a panel at each side of the room at the same


Nar Shaddaa
Aim +3
Coordinates: X: -3699, Y: -1692
Additional information:
To get this datacron you need to ride a very slow
hovering kiosk. You need to get on top of a small
roof at X: -3791, Y: -1668. Use the nearby shelves
to climb the roof and wait for the kiosk to arrive.
It will take you to the ledge with the datacron in
about 5 minutes of travel time.
Presence +3
Coordinates: X: 2927, Y: 399
Additional information:
You need to jump on top a few boxes X: 1598, -Y:
2664. Once on top you need to jump 3 beams and
make a cross, jump on a couple of boxes to cross a
canvas to an elevator. The elevator takes you to a
platform and then move across some pipes and
another canvas until you reach the datacron.
Cunning +3
Coordinates: X: 1958, Y: 3288

Additional information:
Head to the High Security Lockdown Area and look
for a pile of crates that you can use to climb up
and gain access to the ‘Incinerator Room’.
Once you are in this room you need to as fast as
you can get to the other side!
Access the console and input one the following
codes: Ventilation 3918, Hydro 3782, Incinerator
A door will open up and you can pick up your
Be sure to loot the game machine next to the
datacron as it contains an item that you need to
collect the Yellow Matrix Shard on Nar Shaddaa.
Strength +3
Coordinates: X: 2156, Y: 3103
Additional information:
Go to the Imperial Data Centre area at X: 1949, Y:
-1567 and work your way down to the platform
where you can see a taxi waiting. Take the taxi and
it will take you to this datacron.


Yellow Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: 1702, Y: 3084
Additional information:
Inside the ’Network Security room’, just before
the Transit Bridge, is a large pile of boxes. Climb
up the boxes to gain access to the next level, from
there you will find a game machine with a datacron
inside it.
To get this datacron you need to click the Old
Prize Machine when you go for the +3 Cunning
datacron on Nar Shaddaa.


Willpower +3
Coordinates: X: 2075, Y: 461
Additional information:
Head to coordinates X: 2059, Y: 383, there is a
ledge on a rock face that you can see if you look
down. You need to jump down to that ledge and
from there head inside the cave and collect the
Aim +3
Coordinates: X: -620, Y: -479
Additional information:
Head to Jundland Transport Ship Crash Site, a
heroic area, you will see this datacron located on
the wing of the crashed ship. Climb the cliff face
nearby to gain access to it.

Strength +3
Coordinates: X: -2390, Y: 390


Additional information:
You should go for this datacron at the same time
as the Blue Matrix Shard on Tatooine as they both
require the same balloon ride in order to get to
these datacrons. See the Blue Matrix Shard video
guide for the location where you jump onto the

Blue Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -2388, Y: 412
Additional information:
The only way to reach this datacron is by taking a
ride in the Jawa Balloon which can be found at
coordinates X: -2326, Y: 1.
When you are passing over the Jawa sand crawler
with the datacron on top, jump off the balloon
and land on top to collect your datacron.
You should be able to spot the Jawa sand crawler
after spending roughly 30-40 min on the balloon.

Cunning +3
Coordinates: X: -403, Y: - 3910


Additional information:
In Mos Ila at X: 437, Y: 3159 follow the stones
around the building and jump onto the tent.
Work your way across, go right and jump across
the various building features and beams. Go
across the bridge, and head left, jumping across
some more. The datacron is on a rooftop.


Presence +3
Coordinates: X: -82, Y: 167
Additional information:
Go to Glarus Valley, north east of Outpost
Ghrent near the river and you will see a ‘Saddled
Thranta’ – click the animal and it will take you
straight to the datacron.
Endurance +3
Coordinates: X: 2721, Y: 2496
Additional information:
In order to get this datacron you need a Red
Detonite Actuator bought from a vendor on
Alderaan at X: 1867, Y: 1085 for 2,000 credits.
This datacron is hidden inside a cave wall that you
must destroy. Find the entrance to the cave at X:
2361, Y: 2429. Follow the path straight in and
eventually you will find a blast pack on the wall,
click it and blow away the rocks hiding your


Strength +4
Coordinates: X: 2191, Y: -2018
Additional information:
This datacron is located on a small ledge on the
face of the dam. There is a “Magnetic Stabilizer”
that hovers above the platform which you can use
if you have the MGGS that you use to get a couple
of other datacrons, if you do not have it just jump
up the ladder.
Aim +4
Coordinates: X: 1104, Y: 173
Additional information:
This datacron is located on the island that is only
accessible via the lift. The lift is quite slow, so be
patient. The entrance to the lift can be found at X:
1175, Y: 228.


Willpower +3
Coordinates: -2507, -425
Additional information:
This datacron is located inside Castle Panteer.
You have to go through a crack in a door X: -2489,
Y: -370. The datacron is on the 2nd floor.
This datacron is not so much fun for a body type 3
or 4 player. As you can see there were difficulties
getting through the narrow door and we resorted
to dueling and pulling the Bounty Hunter up the
statue in the middle of the room and up to the
second floor.


Presence +4
Coordinates: X: 1187, Y: -578
Additional information:
Located in Transport Station 5, in the big square
room – top right corner of the map, this datacron
takes a couple jumps.
Aim +4
Coordinates: X: 1049, Y: 453
Additional information:
To get this datacron start at X: 1180, Y: 261 in
Tularan Marsh in the Derelict Swoop Tracks and
work your way up the pipe that is angling upwards.
Take a left and work your way across and jump
down the platform to the right. Head straight up
until you can jump onto a longer platform, follow
it and take every right turn you can until you get
close to a big three and you should be able to
spot the datacron from there.


Cunning +4
Coordinates: X: 1047, Y: -189
Additional information:
You need to head into the Abandoned Pirate Cave
at X: -746, Y: 1155. Take the elevator down at the
other end of the room and work your way down on
the map; you will be able to spot the datacron.
When you see the datacron you will see a vehicle
on your left side, you need to start
jumping/climbing your way to the datacron from
that point.
Willpower +4
Coordinates: X: -362, Y: -227
Additional information:
Head to The Sinking City Heroic Area to
coordinates X: 380, y: -901 and start climbing
upwards on what looks like a leaning pillar. Take a
left and jump down carefully to the small ledge;
you may die a few times when getting this datacron.
Continue moving left and jump, keep going left and
you should see the datacron at a distance. From
there on the pathway should be quite obvious.


Endurance +3
Coordinates: X: 1059, Y: 1039
Additional information:
First of all I apologise that the video is a little
dark but you should be able to workout what I am
Head to the Republic Resettlement Zone – Lower
City Ruins, at X: -1353, Y: -211 is a ledge you can
jump up to. Follow it around until you see an
orange coloured ‘platform’ with pipes on it, jump
onto it and move over to the silver coloured pipes.
Follow it and jump down, hug the ledge to the
right and jump down to the large platform when
you are able to. Jump down the hole onto the
orange tube and jump inside to your datacron.


Endurance +4
Coordinates: X: 207, Y: 769
Additional information:
Head to X: 0, Y: 710 and you’ll find an entrance
into Yuna Crosscut. Run all the way in until you
find a control panel on the right side of an
entrance. Take out your healing companion and
position yourself just inside – click the control
panel and the door will close and the room will
fill up with gas, at this point you will start to
lose health and you need to click 2 more control
panels in the room your in, after that you run into
the tunnel to the east as the force field will now
be gone, to get your datacron.
Cunning +4
Coordinates: X: 426, Y: -130
Additional information:
Head to X: 564, Y: -153 and jump onto the big pipe,
then onto the ledge above it. Go around to the
right and go around outside of the fence till you
find an opening through it being broken. From that
point you should be able to find your datacron
around to the right inside there.

Strength +4
Coordinates: X: 550, Y: 1422
Additional information:
The coordinates will take you to a hill which is
close to the Three Families War Camp. Don’t enter
the camp, instead take a right and follow the hill
all around and collect your datacron.


Red Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -730, Y: 1705
Additional information:
In order to get this datacron you need to buy an
item first in the cantina at X: -2635, Y: 913. It’s
called ‘Hydro-Thinner’ and costs 18,000 credits.
Head to Highmount Ridge located south of Leth
Outpost. This Datacron is sitting out in open at
the coordinates. Use the Hydro-Thinner to gain
access and anyone else with you also get access
to it without having to buy the item.
Cunning +4
Coordinates: X: 3142, Y: 480
Additional information:
Head to the Star of Courscant and get to the
second floor. At X: 3143, Y: 457 you will find a
group of boxes that you can use to work your way
to this datacron.


Presence +4
Coordinates: X: 1040, Y: -1233
Additional information:
Head to X: 957, Y: -977, Terror Brigade Compound
– Access Tunnels. Run through it and take a left
up the hill as soon as you get out. Go up the
platform and start climbing the glacial fissure to
your right. Follow the glacial fissure around to
the right, past the radar dish and keep to the
right. When you run out of ice to walk on you need
to make a high drop down. After the drop take the
first right, then left and go through the tunnel.
Endurance +4
Coordinates: X: 2831, Y: -376
Additional information:
Head to coordinates X: 2614, Y: -861, start
jumping/climbing up the ice. Get to the ice bridge
and cross it, follow the path, jump down and take
a right. You need to move next to the building and
drop down onto ice when you get to the end.
Continue in the same direction; make a few jumps
upwards the ice. Move across the ledge of the
next building, climb the ice at the end, keep moving
forward. Again, move across the ledge and climb
more ice at the end, this time take a left at the top
of the ice and you will get to your datacron if you
follow the ledge again and jump ice at the end.

Strength +4
Coordinates: X: 2972, Y: -91
Additional information:
To get this datacron you first need to kill the
‘Ancient Probe’ which can be found in the west of
Clabburn Tundra – Northern Snowdrift Hills. The
Ancient Probe drops a ‘Depleted Datacron’ which
you need in order to charge the real datacron.
Head to the Starship Graveyard – The Star of
Coruscant and there will be a panel, ‘Coupled
Recharge Station’ you need to use.
However the area around it is quite bugged at the
moment so to get to the panel use the pipe on the
right side leaning towards the wall to get up onto
the ledge and make your way over.
Anyone who is with you will be able to get this


Aim +4
Coordinates: X: -783, Y: -1933
Additional information:
In the tomb area you will find a lava pit, look for a
laser bridge, it’s quite hard to see. Travel across
the bridge and collect your datacron.
If the bridge is bugged, resort to climbing up the
stones around it any way you can and jump down
to the datacron instead.
Green Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -1906, Y: -2562
Additional information:
In order to get this datacron you need Rakata
Energy Cube x 4. The Rakata Energy Cube spawns
in certain locations on Belsavis - in the Tomb and
Scar area, such as at: X: -2711, Y: 888 / X: -2789,
Y: 956 / X: -606, Y: 746.
In the tomb area you will find a small cave with a
lift, X: -542, Y: -2169, that will take you down to
an area with a machine in it.
The Energy Cubes are used by the machine to
create the datacron.

Willpower +4
Coordinates: X: -501, Y: 754
Additional information:
Go to the Belsavis High Security Section. At
coordinates X: -859, Y: 711 and you will find a
path. Follow it to your datacron.
Presence +4
Coordinates: X: -1919, Y: -477
Additional information:
Head to the Maximum Security Section, X: -2246, Y:
-110, there is a rock formation that you can get to
if you take a right, left and another right in
between the snow and the rocks, walk along the
ledge to the right and you will see your datacron.


Endurance +4
Coordinates: X: -992, Y: -449
Additional information:
Head to High Security Section at X: -844, Y: -305.
You will find a large group of rocks to your left
that you need to walk around and squeeze into a
path in between the rocks.
You will see the entrance to the cave if you follow
this path and you will find your datacron inside.
There are elites and strong NPC’s inside this cave.


Presence +4
Coordinates: X: 2144, Y: -839
Additional information:
Head to the northeast corner of the Nightmare
Lands, X: 1983, Y: -940, and you will find a small
island that is occupied by three Voss Mystics.
Near the meditating mystics you will see a
Meditation Tablet, click on the tablet and it will
put you in a dream state. From there you can
collect your datacron.
Willpower +4
Coordinates: X: -29, Y: 372
Additional information:
Head to the Old Paths – Beastmark Hills, X: -588,
Y: 480, follow the grass path and take the first
left you can around and up. If you hit the dead end
you missed the part you can climb up onto the
rocks on the right side when you move towards the
end. Climb it upwards till you get to a tunnel, on
the other side is your datacron.


Cunning +4
Coordinates: X: 518, Y: 193
Additional information:
Go to the Nightmare Lands – Boneyard, a heroic
area, at X: 447, Y: 181. Look for a ‘Fallen Trooper’
and examine him, it will give you a Shield Decoder.
If you are more than 1 person going for this
datacron only 1 needs to loot it.
Head over to the nearby round platform with the
red force field and use the Shielding panel. It will
sort of become an elevator which takes you down
to the datacron.
Endurance +4
Coordinates: X: -1948, y: -2228
Additional information:
Head to Shrine of Healing, X: -1947, Y: -1537, and
make your way inside. Take your first right and
head downwards and into a big room where you can
see the datacron. In the top right corner is a
Healing Crystal, meditate at it and collect your
datacron after.


Strength +4
Coordinates: X: 662, Y: 2055
Additional information:
Go to the Gormak Lands - Gorma-Koss at X: 369, Y:
1885. Follow the rock formation upwards on your
left side and take the first left and follow it
around. The datacron is out in the open area that
lies ahead of you.


Blue Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: -2425, Y: -953
Additional information:
Go to Labor Valley – Durasteel Smeltworks, X: 2304, Y: -1001 and go through the projected wall.
Run through Derelict Service Area and your
datacron lies on top of a box at the other end
Green Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: 700, Y: -1889
Additional information:
To be able to get this datacron you need an MGGS
that can be bought from a vendor in Alderaan, X:
1867, Y: 1096, for 10,000 credits.
On Corellia go to Axial Park – Archival Square, X:
418, Y: -1837 and go inside The Corellian Museum
of Starships. Take your first right and head to the
elevator, go to Rooftop Shuttle Pad.
Climb up onto the starship and the right wing take
a jump from there, go right and drop off the ledge
at the left corner onto the rooftop and follow it
around till you see a Magnetic Stabilizer on your
left side, opposite of where you are.


This is the part where you need to use the MGGS
which can be a little bugged, makes a rubber band
effect as you can see in the video. To get rid of the
rubber band effect use a channeled ability
immediately after you use the MGGS and it pulls
you forward.
Once up top, head south and into the Deserted
Thoroughfare, run through it to the end and you
will see your datacron on top of a box.
Aim +4
Coordinates: X: 3131, Y: -1788
Additional information:
Go to the Government District – Coronet Museums,
X: 3023, Y: -1214. You will see a beam leaning
towards a pillar, go up the pillar and look up;
there is a part of the pillar going up and down like
an elevator which you need to use to get up on
At the top is an Explosive Tank, position yourself
in front of it towards the datacron and shoot
yourself over to the other side.


Presence +4
Coordinates: X: 3425, Y: -3208
Additional information:
Head to Port Pevaria, X: 3419, Y: -3296. There is a
small opening in the corner and as you can see you
are supposed to squeeze in between and move
along the pipe and beams, but once again BioWare
have not really been considering body type 3 and 4
so we had to improvise.
Cunning +4
Coordinates: X: -2656, Y: -3118
Additional information:
Labor Valley - North of the Republic train station,
look for a flaming pipe on the east side of the
road running north-south. Go around the building
to the north-east side, X: -2479, Y: -3081, climb up
the pile of debris and run around the roof to
where the flaming pipe was. It's inside the broken


Willpower +4
Coordinates: X: -2404, Y: 2948
Additional information:
Go to Incorporation Islands – Capital Way, X: 2307, Y: 2884, you will see the datacron from
here. Look down the canyon, you will see 2 Carrier
Droids pathing back and forth, you need to use
either the one coming from the left or both of
them to get to the datacron.
Strength +4
Coordinates: X: -2756, Y: -2013
Additional information:
Go to Labor Valley - South of the Republic train
station look for a crane holding a shuttle. Run up
the nearby pipe that is holding up the canopy and
jump onto the shuttle. Jump off on the other end
and use the elevator to get on the higher box to
jump to the platform that the datacron is on.


Yellow Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: 311, Y: -380
Additional information:
This datacron is west of the Imperial base camp, in
a house.
Red Matrix Shard
Coordinates: X: 545, Y: 545
Additional information:
This datacron is above the Republic bunker/base
camp, inside of a tent/house.


Aim +4
Coordinates: X: 927, Y: 1081
Additional information:
Head to Eastern Shelf – Southern Sleetlands, X:
988, Y: 955 and bring out your healing companion.
Go into Eastern Ice Shelf, it looks like a
snowstorm and it is an exhaustion zone which will
tell you to turn around – do not turn around, go
around the ice on your right side and you will get
to a safe zone and your datacron.
Willpower +4
Coordinates: X: 297, Y: -1557
Additional information:
Head to Eastern Shelf – The Barren Frost, X: 371,
Y: -1233. Move along the side till you get to the
edge and climb the ice down into the valley.
You will be encountering a few elites on your way
to the datacron.
Go into the cave and find your datacron.


Endurance +4
Coordinates: X: 97, Y: -98
Additional information:
Go to Eastern Shelf – Contested Crossroads X:
215, Y: -128, near the middle of the map. In the pit
area is an elevator, take it and find your datacron
at the bottom of the pit, the path forks - go right.


Imperial Fleet
All Stats +10
Coordinates: X: 311, Y: -380
Detailed information:
1. This datacron is only available to the Empire,
you need to be level 50 and have three friends
with you.
2. Before you start you need the MGGS which can
be bought from a vendor in Alderaan. If you have
followed my previous videos you should have
picked it up already. If not, the vendor is in the
Juran Mountains, south of King's Pass at X: 1885,
Y: 204 and it’ll cost you 10,000 credits.
3. Next stop; Corellia. Go to Axial Park, to the
coordinates X: 684, Y: 34 south of Coronet Zoo.
Look for an open shipping crate and take the little
red crystal. I would advise that all players
involved pick up the crystal just in case either of
you fall off and die at a later stage.
4. The location of the datacron itself is inside the
Ziost Shadow, the northern ship in the Imperial
Fleet. With the red crystal, an MGGS, and three
friends, enter the Ziost Shadow.
5. Go for the elevator and enter the Bridge Deck.
In the Bridge Deck, make a turn and head north for
the small circular elevator that takes you into
the museum on the starship.


6. Once in the Museum, you're going to have to die
to continue. There is a laser in the room which you
can activate and step in front of to do so. Only
one player needs to die. In the exhibit with the gun
and target, look for a button/console to activate
the laser.
7. When you died, choose to respawn in the Medical
Center and you will appear on a ledge near a
Republic Transport on display. Inside the
Transport is a console just right of the door to
the cockpit. Activate that console and it will blast
open the door in front of the Republic Transport.
8. Jump down and make your way through the newly
opened door. Run through and follow the wall
left until you reach a door leading behind the
exhibit with a large blue crystal. Get close to the
crystal and click to collect it. All players should
collect this crystal just in case one of you dies
later on.
9. With the blue crystal collected, return to the
main museum room. Across from the Republic
Transport platform is another large platform with
a statue on top. Climb the nearby crates to jump
up to the statue, where you will see it has several
buttons you can interact with.
10. Fit your crystal into the empty slot on the
right side and click the button in the centre. The
forcefield to your right will deactivate and make it
obvious where your next destination is.
11. Head through the passage, down a ramp and
you will find an obscured forcefield bridge to your
left; leave one player at the bridge, while three
other players continue into a control room
further down the hall.


12. Inside the console room, you find three
consoles. You need to use all three consoles at
the same time to make the bridge appear for the 4th
13. The player waiting at the bridge needs to run
across and don’t have too long before the bridge
goes offline again. Once across the bridge you will
find an identical control room that works in the
same way as previous control room.
14. Have the player that ran across at the
console that the next player is leaving behind but
in the new control room and hit all three at once.
Repeat the process a few times to get everyone
15. This is when things get a little complicated.
Across the bridge, you need to find three Magnetic
Stabilizers, and four buttons that need to be
pressed simultaneously.
16. The first buttons are down the railing, further
down the path from the second control room.
Jump down onto the black railing and follow it to
the wall. For the first active Magnetic Stabilizer,
look right and down. Another player can jump
onto a nearby railing left and follow it around to
the button.
17. Put two players in position at the first two
buttons, then you can go looking for the second
two buttons. The second two buttons can only be
accessed by Magnetic Stabilizers, but both of the
stabilizers are inactive until two players hit those
first two buttons described above at the same
time. Find the stabilizers first and then have the
first two players hit their switches to activate


18. The two inactive Magnetic Stabilizers can be
difficult to find. The first, look directly up from
the red central console looking out towards the
bridge. Above you, and slightly left, look on the
wall for an alcove above a large rectangular rail.
19. The second of these inactive Magnetic
Stabilizers you can find just as you jump to the
railing from the control room hallway.
Jump down onto the railing, and immediately turn
right and look straight down. You should spot a
narrow railing leading to a larger one back
around a corner to the right. Jump down and
follow the path, turning right, then looking up
and left for an alcove above with the inactive
Magnetic Stabilizer.
20. With everyone in position, have the first two
players activate their switches at the same time.
The Magnetic Stabilizers will activate and the
second set of players can reach their own
buttons. With all four players near four buttons,
activate the second set of buttons at the same
21. Have everyone type /stuck and everyone
reappear back in the control room. Jump back down
onto the main rail and look up and left at the
large square structure; A new Magnetic Stabilizer
point is active. Have everyone pull themselves up
to the tiny railing.
22. With everyone on the narrow ledge, you can
see two Magnetic Stabilizer points. As you reach
the ledge, turn left. Straight ahead is the door
leading to the datacron, but the Magnetic
Stabilizer is inactive. To your right, you can see an
active Stabilizer. Have one player use this active
Stabilizer and hit the switch there.


23. With the final switch activated, the Magnetic
Stabilizer above the door ahead will open. Have
everyone pull themselves across, open the door,
run down the hallway, and open one more door for
a short cutscene, but impressive cut scene.


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