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Passerelles numériques – Hong Kong


Business developer / Fundraiser


Passerelles numériques Hong Kong



Start date

As soon as possible


Hong Kong

Passerelles numériques is a non-profit making organisation, with the mission of
enabling the greatest number of young people in a precarious situation to access a training
and a qualified job in the domain of information technology.
The organisation exists in Cambodia, The Philippines and Vietnam. It is currently
training 450 students and plans to train 750 over the next 3 years. Passerelles numériques
functions with 75 employees in the different countries and a small coordinating and fund
raising office in France (6 people).
It is thanks to the financial support and the skills of numerous partners such as HP,
Accenture, Steria, Econocom, Altedia, Osiatis and others, as well as personal donations,
that Passerelles numériques is able to operate.
Sites web:
Passerelles Numériques is aiming to create a subsidiary in Hong Kong. The main
mission of the regional team will be promoting and fundraising.

The Business Developer/Fundraiser will participate in developing and implementing the
development/fundraising strategy in Hong-Kong. He/She will establish a structure for
effective fundraising, research donors (including individuals, corporations and
foundations), promote the NGO activities, recruit the “Ambassadors” team and manage
the relationship.
He/she will report to, and take instructions from the Passerelles Numériques global fund
raising responsible in France.

You have a team spirit. You have a good ability to prospect, cultivate, and manage relationships.
Your ability to develop, your initiative and your communications skills are recognized qualities.
You are adaptable and flexible. You have very good written and spoken English.

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Passerelles numériques – Hong Kong

Ideally you have a prior experience in fund raising.

Please send your CV and cover letter to Mai-Khanh Bui:
The candidates will meet Paris Head Quarter (call conference) for further interview.

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