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a great way .pdf

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A great way to find files online is a new generic file search engine that currently
searches over 300 Million publicly available data files.
With is free, you don’t have to sign up and there is
one click download. It runs its own crawler and lets you search,
find and download all existing mime types, such as:

mp3 audio and wav sound files
midi musical instrument interfaces
mp4, avi and quicktime videos
jpeg, gif, png and tiff images
Microsoft doc and Excel documents and exe executables
pdf and plain text documents
dwg AutoCAD and wrl virtual reality data files
archives like zip, gzip and jar

How it works
On the front page, the whole thing looks deceptively simple — just the usual search box. You enter
your query, press “Search” and a world of options is available. The search results are sorted into
categories, each with its own tab: text, document, audio, 3gp video, image, software, archive, geo-3d,
chemical, and misc. Each category is sorted into sub categories. For instance, the category “text” holds
some 50 types of text files.
It’s that simple and that powerful. If you want to learn more, the FAQ has some clever demonstrations
of how to get the most out of

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