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On the 3rd of April will take place the elections of the student representatives within the central committees (CA, CEVU, CS)
of the University of Toulouse I Capitole. Your students unions, being by your side day by day, are candidates again to provide an independent, pragmatic and close representation, carrying an ambitious project for ALL the students, beyond political ideas and supports.
giving its chance to each and everyone of us.


5 25


MAINS LINES propositions

One of the keys of success is the evolution of the student in an environment propicious to personal fulfillment and
work. This requires the adaptation of the University to its students, by offering them an industrious and pleasant
place to work. In order to create better conditions of life and studies in UT1, we therefore wish :

To arrange timetables and to stagger the end of the lectures in
order to avoid obstructions in the cafeterias, lunchrooms and •
especially in the Restaurant of the University
To open the library during exams and from 8 in the morning.

To raise the number of available rooms in the University for
work in groups - it is definitely insufficient today.

To provide to the students of the IAE and of the TSE a quicker

reimbursement of teaching aids.
To reduce the number of selection criterias for student jobs
at the university, in order to propose more jobs suiting to
students’ confines.
To increase the number of sports activities available for
students by adapting the hours of those to their timetables
and to make more facilities available.
To improve the visibility of the SIUMPPS for a true campaign
of public health for students.

Showing teaching skills means teaching a knowledge or an experience by using suited ways for it to be
assimilated by individuals. Obviously, the current teaching methods are not always suited to students.
Nevertheless, an adjusted pedagogy is the key to success and the way to reach diplomas and degrees of a
high quality.Thus, we want :

To improve the quality of teaching of foreign languages, by
establishing level groups and by bringing back the teaching of •
foreign languages in the first year of studies, in order to permit a better training all along the studies.
To develop the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to modernize the education and to make the
facilities available outside the University.
To give more time for law exams in AES (three hours instead •
of one and a half when necessary)

To create new double-diplomas in partnership with the other
Universities of Toulouse, such as Litterature/Law, Economy/

To give the opportunity for students to take exams again
when the half mark has not been reached the first time. For
students that did not reach the mark of 8/20, a meeting with
an advisor has to be proposed automatically and free lessons
of extra help have to be proposed in order to give a chance
to try again and to succeed.
Faire renaître la commission d’exonération gracieuse des
frais d’inscriptions pour les étudiants non-boursiers en situation difficile.

We’re obviously not all equal in front of studies, considering our origins, our means, our facilities… But
the French University, in the name of its tradition of open acceptance and welcome to all has to be a
place where each one, without considering his origins, may succeed and evolve.That’s why it is necessary :

To develop the tutorial system especially during the first year
and to follow the students in their evolution, in order to fight
against the astonishing rate of fail (approximately 50% on the
national level).
To create a real statues for employed students, to permit
them to conciliate studies, work and private life (by adjusting
TD jours, giving them the opportunity of access to the lect

To maintain the AJAC status for all the students who wish to.
To reestablish the Gracious Exemption Commission for non
scholarship student who still have financial difficulties.
To fix the same criterions for every courses of study concerning the study break week before the exams.

A student is the centre piece of the University, and by University, we don’t mean only the classes! The
university has to propose some activities to the students that will permit them to open up to the culture
and/or to the associative life.That is why we propose :
To insert the UT1 and other universities of Toulouse’s lectures programs into the customized agenda of the “Espace Numérique de Travail’’ (digital work space), in order to give a better information about
the cultural offer and to lead a voluntary participation towards it.
To put online all the reports and projects presentations of the FSDIE
Commission (organ that finances the initiatives or voluntary projects

of students within the university)
To give the students a free half-day per week for in order to
let them have the time to invest themselves in cultural, sport
or associative activities.

University is a wonderful place to assimilate knowledge. Unfortunately, nowadays it is not always able to
give us all the skills that will permit us to integrate easily the labor market.Thus, for the university to be
an effective springboard towards the professional world, we will put in place :

Fait sur du papier recyclé, ne jettez pas sur la voie

A more visible and more attractive way of presenting the
A compulsory work experience for the students who
propositions of the SUIO-IP by letting you participate to
passed their LLB: It is essential that a student does not
it. Indeed, the SUIO-IP use to organize workgroup to help
leave the university without having moved in the workpeople writing CVs etc. and for it to be effective, it would
be useful to grant students who go regularly to these by a
The creation of a directory of the graduates in order
bonus as well as sports for example.
to permit to the current students to contact them for
A multiplication of the meetings between professionals
a work experience but also to know better about the
and students: it is essential to enlighten our students as
opportunities of their course of study.
to the jobs they are willing to do by talking about them
A compulsory work experience for the students who
through relaxed and regular meetings.
passed their LLB: It is essential that a student does not
The development of free teaching unit that will permit the
leave the university without having moved in the workstudents to gain extra-disciplinary skills that will be valuable
on the labor market, that way they will be favored in the market
l’ARES la fage

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