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This year was very particular for me because I learnt what is a real research project
and all what I learnt during my studies is making sense with this project.
I would like to thanks Dr. Carole Bonanni for having pushing me forward during this year to
accomplish this but also for having giving me great helps when I encountered difficulties and
motivated me when it was necessary. The subject I chosen is really important for me, and it
is not easy for everybody to understand the skateboard world. I would like to thank Dr.
Carole Bonnani for being very involved in this particular subject.
I would also thanks Dr. Sarah Hudson and Dr. Douglas Bryson for having teaching me these
dedicated courses, and giving me the opportunity to make concrete research exercises
which helped me a lot to conduct mine. Thanks also for their support during this entire
research year.
Finally, I would thanks Brigitte Lemoine, senior programme adviser for having facilitating me
this year giving me all the different available technical and human resources in order to make
this research possible.
As Dr. Douglas Bryson uses to say, “Research is fun”!