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Preface to “Jerusalem in the Qur’an”, Internet Edition

Ø The scenario of events leading up to and following the birth of the False
Messiah, the Dajjaal
Ø Tracing the movement of Dajjaal between the historical, current (and future)
superpowers, over time and in different spatial ‘dimensions’
Ø Two key areas for Muslims to be aware of and avoid: (1) Usurious
transactions (Riba), and (2) Support for secular government (Shirk), and
Ø A Plan for enlightened Muslims to prepare and work for the future to
anticipate the unfolding of the predicted events.
Some of Sheikh Imran’s views are his personal views and explanations, based
however, on a broad scholarship and Islamic intuitive thinking. They are not all
written in stone and are subject to verification by events. As Sheikh Imran has
repeatedly stated in the book, he is prepared to follow a different viewpoint if it is
found to be a better and more correct explanation of the source materials.
This Edition of the book has been condensed from the 2nd Edition, reviewed and
specially prepared for distribution on the Internet. We hope it may thereby reach a
wider audience of thoughtful Muslims insha’Allah. We point out to readers that the
Arabic text of the verses of the Qur'an have been removed from this Internet edition.
Kindly note that the only Qur'an is the Arabic Qur'an. Consequently, the English
translations of the Qur’anic verses in our text cannot be taken as being the Qur'an
May Allah Ta’ala reward Sheikh Imran for his elucidation of this critical subject for
all enlightened readers, Muslims as well as non-Muslims.
Muslim News Asia Network
September 2003 (1424 H)