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Patrick Hillery Cumann, Brussels
Fianna Fáil in Brussels: “5 Reasons to Vote YES” to EU Treaty
The Brussels branch of Fianna Fáil (Patrick Hilary Cumann) today launched “5 Reasons to Vote
YES” in the upcoming referendum on the EU Fiscal Compact as part of the party’s campaign for a
positive result on May 31.
The document -- created by party members based in Brussels who work across all of the EU
institutions, industry sectors and other international organisations – urges Irish voters to “send
a clear signal around the globe that Ireland is committed to rebuilding a strong, stable and
united European economy” by backing the Treaty.
“This is a valuable contribution by our members on the ground in Brussels who have a unique
insight into EU affairs and in particular understand the value of Ireland’s role in Europe,”
Micheál Martin said.
“The views expressed in this document will be a core part of Fianna Fáil’s argument for a YES
vote on May 31. Although working and living in Brussels, but at the same time understanding
the challenges their families and friends face back home in Ireland, we hope this contribution
from our members in Brussels can play a part in helping Irish people to understand how vitally
important it is that Ireland endorses this Treaty which is an insurance policy for our country’s
Chairman of the Brussels Patrick Hilary Cumann Ciaran Bolger added: “We hope our
contribution shows that on a daily basis, Ireland plays a key role in all major policy decisions on
a range of issues in Brussels and therefore it is in our interest and in the interest of our
children's future that we remain a vital partner in Europe.”
For more information:
Darren Ennis
Press and Media Officer,
Fianna Fáil Patrick Hilary Brussels Cumann
+32 468 114 214

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