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With 20 years of culinary experience in 5 stars hotels and
resorts, Laurent Bernard opened his first French patisserie at
Robertson Quay in 2006. A year later, Laurent opened another
cafe-restaurant at Portsdown, followed by a retail outlet at
Takashimaya food hall. Laurent is today well established in
Singapore and his exquisite chocolates are well known all around
The company has the AVA licence for retail and HACCP
system is also applied in the factory. The products are made in
Singapore with French ingredients, under Laurent Bernard
supervision who can ensure the quality and the safety of his
products. Laurent Bernard Chocolatier supplies hotels, banks,
The success of Laurent Bernard Chocolatier brand is due
to the passion and commitment of the chef himself. Each indulgent
piece of chocolate is painstakingly developed and moulded with
love and creativity. The strength of the company is its capacity to
adapt the products to the customer’s requirements.

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