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A “family group” consists of one or more (quite often just one!) related individuals. The arrangement here is
by country in alphabetical order. England is further subdivided by county from Berkshire to Yorkshire. (I
have used a mixture of modern and old county names in an arbitrary way to suit my own convenience).
Canada is subdivided by province and Australia and the United States by state.
Inevitably as a result of moving around people do not always fit into nice neat county (or national)
categories. Therefore under many counties/nations there is listed an ‘Other’ category which is a crossreference to members of other family groups who have a link to that place mentioned.
Non-Hovington descendents of Hovingtons are included where known. The listing includes most variant
spellings (eg Huffington, Hovinton), but usually excludes the Ovington name. My Ovington data is currently
very patchy and its inclusion here would probably confuse rather than enlighten. (A few Ovingtons are
included where there are definite links to Hovingtons or areas where Hovingtons are commonly found)
The largest family group is Yorkshire Family Group #1 This has nearly 300 names, of which about one-third
are actually called Hovington, and spans nearly 500 years. It has had to be split into several sections in order
to fit conveniently on the page. The main Quebec branch Quebec Family Group #1 is similarly divided
The general layout of each family group is given by the following fictitious example (Those who are part of
the family group by birth or adopton are coloured blue, those connected by marriage are coloured red):#1 John Hovington “Head” of family group
+ Mary Smith Wife of John
#2 Thomas Hovington First child of John & Mary
+ Anne Jones. Wife of Thomas
#3 David Hovington. Grandson of John & Mary and son of Thomas & Anne
#3 Diana Hovington. Granddaughter of John & Mary and daughter of Thomas & Anne
#2 William Hovington. Second child of John & Mary
+ Rachel White. Wife of William
#3 George Hovington. Grandson of John & Mary and son of William & Rachel
+ Angela Hawkins. Wife of George
#2 Charlotte Hovington. Third child of John & Mary