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Why is school important?
Children often think that school has no purpose. They think school is a waste of time and
they are all better off without it. This is the average opinion of a young student. Of course, it is the
exact opposite.
School was created by Charlemagne who wished that reading, writing, maths , astronomy
and music would be mastered throughout his empire. He wanted new generations full of knowledge
that would serve him in an exemplary way. Here are reasons as to why school is important and
indispensable today:
-The point of school is to teach people, it teaches the way life is in a normal society, rules of law
and respect.
-It is very important in modern times for young people to fit in the community and education is the
key to fitting in, as well as school, a place where you meet other people.
-Thirdly, life would be monotonous if school didn't exist, no tests, no lessons, no pressure , no
stress, , children would spends day in front of the computer, becoming useless when they are of
adult age.
-One very important lesson in school is history, it is from our history that we learn from our
mistakes and it inspires us to not redo the same mistakes, and make our life better.
-Children are people of the future, they have to have to capacity to be as productive as their parents,
they have to know how to act in life, school prepares them and teaches them how to be an adult.
-School is a source a culture, without culture people would have no opinions, no memories and they
would have no interessting judgements.
It is because of school that we become responsible, it is the pathway to becoming a good parent, to
protect and help other people.
Many people think that children's behavior depends on the parents, but school takes also a big part
in children's behavior, it is there that you realise that you have to be polite, you understand and
difference good from wrong.
Finally, school is what makes us mature, gives us culture, it is the road to becoming an adult, it tells
how to behave and makes us a better person, It gives us the choice of a career and gives us the
oportunity to make something out of our lives.

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