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24.A thief stole my dog and brought him back only when I offered 20 pounds reward for him.
My dog was stolen and brought back only when £20 reward was offered.
25.Moles make these little hills.
These little hills are made by moles.(taupes)
26.They gave her a clock.
She was given a clock.
27.We feed the animals twice a day.
The animals are fed ...
28.Who wrote it ?
Who was it written by?
29. Compare clothes which we have washed with clothes which any other laundry has
Compare clothes washed by us with clothes washed by any other laundry.
30.They showed her the easiest way to do it.
She was shown the easiest way to do.
31.The author has written a special edition for children.
A special edition ... has been written.
32.What did he write it with?
What was it written with?
He wrote it with a matchstick dipped in blood.
It was written with...
33.An uneasy silence succeeded the shot.
The shot was succeeded by an ...
34.Did the idea interest you?
Were you interested by the idea?
35.The lawyer gave him the details of his uncle's will.
He was given the details ...
36.They used to start these engines by hand. Now they start them by electricity.
These engines used to be started by hand, now they are started by electricity.
37.Most people opposed this.
This was opposed by most people.
38.Students are doing a lot of the work.
A lot of the work is being done by students.
39.The closure of the workshop will make a lot of men redundant.
A lot of men will be made redundant by the closure...
40.Anyone with the smallest intelligence could understand these instructions.
These instructions could be understood by ...
41.We will not admit children under sixteen.
Children... will not be admitted.
42.A rainstorm flooded the gypsies’ camp.
The gypsies’ camp was flooded by a rainstorm.
43. The government has called out troops.
Troops have been called out by the government.
44. Fog held up the trains.
The trains were held up by fog
45. Burglars broke into the house
The house was broken into.
46. They took down the notice.
The notice was taken down.
47. They threw him out.