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He was thrown out.
48. Her story didn’t take them in.
They weren’t taken in by her story.
48. The crowd shouted him down.
He was shouted down.
49. This college is already full. We are turning away students the whole time.
... students are being turned away...
50. You will have to pull down this skyscraper as you have not complied with the town
planning regulations.
This skyscraper will have to be pulled down as the town planning regulations haven’t been
complied with.
Quelqu’un a trouvé le gamin que les gens recherchaient.
The boy who was wanted has been found.
On ne devrait pas parler de telles choses en public.
Such things ought not to be spoken about in public.
Ils l’emmèneront à l’hôpital demain.
She will be taken to hospital tomorrow.
Ils vont envoyer Cyril en prison.
Cyril will be sent to prison.
Les gens disent que les figues sont meilleures pour nous que les bananes.
Figs are said to be better for us than bananas. (It is said that figs...)
Je déteste que les gens me regardent.
I hate being looked at.
Ne te laisse pas voir par les autres.
Don’t let yourself be seen by the others.
Il est si bon au golf que personne ne peut le battre.
He’s so god at golf that he can’t be beaten./ defeated
Le docteur a du l’opérer pour trouver ce qui n’allait pas.
He had to be operated on to find out what was wrong.
Il s’est fait attraper par la police.
He (has) got caught by the police.
Ils se sont perdus.
They got lost.
Il s’est fait renverser par un bus.
He got run over by a bus.
Personne n’a dormi dans ce lit.
This bed hasn’t been slept in.
Peut-on lui faire confiance pour nous soutenir ?
Can he be relied upon / trusted to support us?
Nous allons devoir nous occuper de ce problème tout de suite.
This matter will have to be dealt with right away.
On ne peut pas manger une orange si personne ne l’a pelée.
An orange cannot be eaten if it hasn’t been peeled.
Il s’est fait battre.
He got beaten.
Lors de la conférence on a parlé d’autres possibilités.
Other possibilities were talked about at the meeting.