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Performing in
the public space

What ?
Actions / performance in the public/urban space, conducted
simultaneously in our different countries, to have an impact
at the local level (inhabitants). Then we could share it on
internet, to reach a larger number of people. Having an impact
at the national level is good, but if the action takes place
sat the same time in many places, and if they are compared
later (we also might have a visibility of what is happening in
other places during the flashmob...), the visual impact will be
• Our first action could be to organize a flashmob against hate
and violence.
• A second action would be to create posters (advertisements)
to promote and teach human rights.

How ?
Flashmobs, Street Campains, Performances, ... , and I’m waiting for your proposals !

Flashmob: in the main square
of our city of residence,
during 3 min (open to the
discussions) everyone will cry
as loud as possible. Then, the
«Flashmobers» will spend the
same time (twice more time ?)
to give hugs and say positive
The promotion of the
advertisement of the event
will be done with the social
networks for example or by
any other ressources of each of

Street campain
Posters: these will be translated
into each language while keeping
the same design. Each participant
will attempt to paste up posters in
his town. Then, the pictures of each
country will be shared on internet.

With whom ?
The flashmob will be implemente with the
The posters will be pasted up with people
that the activist could mobilise (children,
youths, old people -> intergenerational
action ?)

When ?
As soon as possible...
One action per month ... ?

Support needed
Network of each activist...

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