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Description: Flute session Duchamp
Auteur: Barbara McKenzie
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NICOLAS DUCHAMP PRESENTS Nicolas Duchamp is internationally recognized and respected as a teacher in the French tradition of the Paris Conservatoire and Philippe Gaubert, enjoying world wide acclaim as both exciting performer and inspiring teacher. Duchamp has served for many years as principal flutist for the National Opera Comique in Paris, under Gerard Daguerre and toured and played intensively in his native France and internationally in Europe and North America. Mr Duchamp taught for Jean Ferrandis at the Ecole Normale Superieure in Paris and regularly presents master classes in the US, Canada, France and Japan. In 2 0 0 9 , t h e f a m i l y o f P h i l i p p e Ga u b e r t (1874-1941) formally commissioned Mr. Duchamp to celebrate Gaubert’s contribution to the French art of flute playing in a worldwide revival. Subsequently, Duchamp created the concert tribute and documentar y film, GAUBERT VIVANT! with pianist Barbara McKenzie with whom he toured in 2010-11. This historic concert tour included Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall in New York, and Spivey Hall in Atlanta. where he recorded an historic performance on the famous Gaubert flute Louis Lot N° 1986 for American Public Media’s “Performance Today”, heard by over five million listeners in the US and abroad. Duchamp is the authentic representative of the French Flute School in the world today. Following in the footsteps of the famed Georges Barrere and Marcel Moyse, Duchamp brings to the US the THE FRENCH MUSIC INSTITUTE 215 Ann Street Wilmington, NC 28401 T: 910.367.3496 T: 917.324.5642 duchampus@gmail.com SUMMER FLUTE INTENSIVES June & August 2012 Wilmington, NC real art of French Flute playing. Authentic flute schooling with authentic flute lovers! Located in the charming colonial port city, Wilmington, NC, Nico Duchamp will offer to all flute lovers an authentic French flute experience. Barrere and Moyse brought the famous French school from Paris to United States, now Nico Duchamp will transmit this great tradition in a warm, supportive and engaging style that promises success for students of all levels. As one of the world’s most respected flute teachers with an international performance background, Duchamp helps the motivated student to unlock their technical difficulties in a supportive environment and discover a new found freedom in their playing. Classes are very conveniently located within short walking distance to all venues, restaurants and accommodations. DAILY SCHEDULE MORNING 10:00-12:30 Group Class - Technique 12:30-2:00 Free Time/Lunch AFTERNOON* 2:00-4:30 Individual/Private Lessons 4:30-7:00 Individual Lesson with Pianist EVENING FREE TIME * Classes end at 12:30 on the last day of each session to allow preparation for a public student recital at 3:00. Auditors welcome for the morning group classes @ $35/day. SESSION II A U G U S T 2 5 - 2 9 SESSION I J U N E 1 9 - 2 3 $850 Arrival June 18. Closing concert June 23rd. Class limit 6. Includes over 12 hours of technique class, 4 private lessons with piano accompaniment* and concert costs. Some financial assistance for college students based on need may be available upon request. Historic Graystone Inn Reservations @ 910 763-2000 Historic Greystone Inn Recital Salon $850 Class size: Limited to 6 Piano Accompanist: Seminar fee includes piano accompanist for private lessons. Additional rehearsal with piano available for +fee. Housing: Participants are free to set their individual accommodations. We suggest 2 very convenient B&B’s in charming, downtown Wilmington- breakfast included. Discounts available for participants. ALL EVENT VENUES IN HISTORIC DOWNTOWN Flutes Classes: Community Arts Center, “Hannah Block” 120 S. 2nd Street Wilmington, NC Rehearsals/Private Lessons with Piano: 215 Ann Street Downtown Wilmington Student Recital: Historic Graystone Inn 100 South Third Street Downtown Wilmington Arrival August 24. Closing concert August 29. Class limit 6. Includes over 12 hours of technique class, 4 private lessons with piano accompaniment* and concert costs. Some financial assistance for college students based on need may be available upon request. Cami#ia Cottage Reservations @ 910.763.9171


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