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Diamond Polished Concrete.
A Strong & Beautiful
Flooring Solution.

Diamond Polished Concrete is a unique, advanced flooring
system that brings out the natural beauty of concrete,
helps reduce maintenance costs and enhances the natural
durability of concrete surfaces. The Tri-Con Diamond Polish
System employs an innovative 7-step grinding and polishing
process that utilizes progressively finer diamond grinding
heads. This system also uses the most advanced penetrating
sealer technology.

Tri-Con Concrete Finishing is an industry leader with more
than 25 years experience in the concrete industry. We are
a one-stop supplier capable of pouring new floors to exact
specifications as well as restoring existing concrete surfaces
with endless versatility. We guarantee that we deliver on
time, on budget and on spec every time.

TRI-CON Concrete Finishing Co. Ltd.
835 Supertest Rd., Suite 100, North York, ON M3J 2M9 Tel. 416.736.7700 Fax. 416.736.6686